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nest_of_rampers 15 Feb 2019

Provexis I am sure your efforts are appreciated by most PXS holders. Pigs at the through sums them up.

redprince 15 Feb 2019

Provexis No doubt he will try to NOR however i am not going to fall for his easy patter this time round.I want to see a diary of what he and Buck actually do to justify their ludicrous pay packets. They should be on a fraction (literally) of what they are currently on. IF has deliberately tried to keep his residency a secret because it makes his poisition look far worse than before. I will be asking him to clarify his location and then why Companies House has not been updated years ago. These guys have no skin on their faces whatsoever. Aimho.Dyor.

nest_of_rampers 15 Feb 2019

Provexis He will fob you off like he always does , he persuaded me to buy more at the 2p placing ! what a fool I was. Ask him why he doesn’t do a work diary so we can see what he is up to. Meeting on Golf courses no doubt.

redprince 14 Feb 2019

Provexis Fwiw IF’s residency on Companies House is still stating United Kingdom which i believe from all the chat is wrong.I intend to ask him about this when i speak to him in the near future. I note this issue was not clarified publicly at least by any agm attendees.

redprince 14 Feb 2019

0.2p oh dear! Just about the ONLY thing that will lift the sp out of its current trough is confirmation and imminent execution of a large deal.The frustrating thing here is we have had the confirmation about 18 months ago but the execution looks as far off as ever. I wonder if our new investor intends to try and get some milestones and metrics out of the bod?The rns’s re China are imho deliberately vague on execution timescales probably because in all fairness they do not know or because By-Heallth refuse to commit to them. Aimho.Dyor.

nest_of_rampers 14 Feb 2019

0.2p oh dear! I told Wheelds not to buy when the SP was over 1p and I am telling him now there are no signals to buy. The SP is going to 0.186 where it will bounce. If you believe in imminent good news that is another matter , I don’t.

peppapig 14 Feb 2019

0.2p oh dear! Do you understand anything about the spread in quoted prices??? What happens if I buy now at .25 ? What can I sell at ? .21 - for a loss of 16% You appear to be the only one daft enough to buy in this market, and most of your justification is hopelessly flawed

wheelds 14 Feb 2019

0.2p oh dear! 0.24p tomorrow in my opinion, thats 20% rise from 0.2p. IMHO Share price is stated at 0.24p on many sites. Hence, hopefully good news on its way.

nest_of_rampers 12 Feb 2019

0.2p oh dear! EK is Simon Cawkwell notorious shorter , he was shorting PXS he said it was going no where 10 years ago.

Ripley94 11 Feb 2019

0.2p oh dear! Hi nest_of_rampers Who is “Evil Knevil” what had he to say to make him right about PXS. Are you a holder ?

gixer 11 Feb 2019

H&B article Healthy-Magazine-Fruitflow-Omega-3-Feb-19.pdf 6.49 MB

redprince 09 Feb 2019

0.2p oh dear! Yes he was.Very typical of a lot of aim co’s sadly where the co exists with jam tomorrow for the benefit of the directors only. Buck is in his 70’s with a string of failures behind him and does absolutely nothing whatsoever to justify his keep.IF has kept his residency “secret” and just shmarms pi’s by telling them what they want to hear.His remuneration is grossly more than what he deserves. I have a sub 1p average and will be lucky to get most of that back. Aimho.Dyor.

nest_of_rampers 08 Feb 2019

0.2p oh dear! Evil Knevil was right about PXS.

redprince 08 Feb 2019

0.2p oh dear! Yes i think one of the guys on red channel summed up our prospects quite well earlier this week.You think we got a great deal from DSM?Hardly…we would be lucky if we got more than 3% before any of the agreed milestones were achieved imho. In a buyout scenario we have little to no bargaining power and that means the shareholders are going to be given a take it or leave it lowball offer. You don’t need to be a delusional “gnarled old businessman” to see any of that.

peppapig 08 Feb 2019

0.2p oh dear! quote fromWheelds, “once the Chinese company By_health gets the green light by the Chinese government to produce and sell Fruitflow they will be able to quickly supply Holland and Barrett in China and then work in partnership to sell fruitflow to India and the united Arab Emirates and around the world. .” Where is the evidence that By health will produce FF ??? I think DSM will have something to say!! Wheelds, i pity you if your investment is based on research that has led you to believe that DSM would allow byhealth to manufacture FF. get a grip lad