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NoQuestionMarks 12 Apr 2018

Re: DNO hoovering up Faroe Petroleum shares. Our stake now worth around £4.8m.

NoQuestionMarks 12 Apr 2018

DNO hoovering up Faroe Petroleum shares. 5 April 2018 - DNO ASA, the Norwegian oil and gas operator, today announced that it has acquired 8,487,838 shares in Faroe Petroleum plc at a price of GBP 1.25 per share representing 2.32 percent of the outstanding shares in Faroe Petroleum.This follows the separate completion on 4 April 2018 of a reverse book building process through which DNO acquired 10 percent of the shares in Faroe Petroleum at a price of GBP 1.25 per share and the acquisition of 15.37 percent of the share capital of Faroe Petroleum from Delek Group Ltd. at a price of GBP 1.25 per share.Following the three transactions, DNO will own 101,503,663 shares representing 27.68 percent of the outstanding shares in Faroe Petroleum.

callsignzulu 09 Apr 2018

Share price increase Is there an announcement coming on Platypus or FEED for Perth pushing this share price North......Something certainly in the pipeline.

callsignzulu 09 Apr 2018

Investor chronicle Investors are starting to warm to the investment case of Parkmead Group (PMG:41p), a small-cap oil and gas exploration and development company led by 19 per cent shareholder Tom Cross, the founder and former chief executive of Dana Petroleum. The share price has risen by 10 per cent since I included the shares in my 2018 Bargain Shares Portfolio, and recent developments only reinforce my positive stance.Simon Thomson

Ripley94 02 Apr 2018

Re: This looks cheap now to me Hi nice to michu.In hindsight good decisions in late October you must of topped around bottom @ 35p.25% up now @ 43.75pThought id looked at this before buy can not see a post in last year.Interesting link on trin bb buy lady Jennifer 9.3.18 "CJ Exposure Research" this being there top oil pick. ( Any one familiar with CJ exposure ? )Others on that list SQZ.. PMO... RKH. ( this and trin of course which i do not have )

TheDell 29 Mar 2018

Wildcatter The facts are, oil saturated in the sandstone reservoirs underground don't have a very great asset value at all it is when it is recovered to the surface that the value increases. Parkmead have crude and plenty of it, tens of millions of barrels proven and many more times probable, maybe a billion in time. Shareholders are hopeful, The Government want it to happen it brings jobs back to the North Sea, along with Taxes and helps with energy independence for the UK. This is not a Wildcatter requiring intense financing in a new frontier the oil and gas is there in a proven oil province. We will maybe soon have an export route out. We now need a favourable deal to be struck with whoever the partner maybe to bring the oil to the surface profitably.

callsignzulu 29 Mar 2018

Energy voice Aberdeen oil firm Parkmead says it is aiming to unlock “substantial value” from the Greater Perth Area (GPA) in the North Sea, after narrowing its first-half losses for 2017.The London-listed company, with operations in the UK North Sea and the Netherlands,posted an pre-tax losses of £4million in the six month to December, down from £4.5million in the same period in 2016.It comes after the firm took full control of the Greater Perth Area (GPA) in the central North Sea last month, including the Perth and Dolphin fields, following a deal with Faroe Petroleum.The deal lifted the company’s net reserves to 46.3million barrels of oil equivalent, a 67% increase on the previous yearParkmead says a detailed study is being carried out into whether it can be tied-back to the Nexen-operated Scott platform nearby.Executive Chairman Tom Cross said: ““I am pleased to report excellent progress in the period to 31 December 2017. The Group has doubled gross profit, through a combination of Parkmead’s increased gas production in the Netherlands and the proactive cost reduction programme in the UK.“We are also pleased with the major progress made with the Greater Perth Area project. increasing our stake in the Perth and Dolphin oil fields, Parkmead’s oil and gas reserves grow by some 67%.“The study with Nexen will examine one path to potentially unlock the substantial value of the GPA project for the benefit of the UK and Parkmead shareholders, as well as providing further value for the existing infrastructure partners.“The team at Parkmead is working intensively to evaluate and execute further opportunities which could build value and provide additional upside to the Company. Parkmead is analysing both oil and gas, and wider energy related opportunities, which could broaden and enhance the Group’s revenue stream“

NoQuestionMarks 29 Mar 2018

Re: stake in Faroe for sale? Hi BB,I don't read it that way but of course I could be wrong. The shareholding in FPM is listed every year as 'available for sale financial assets' The shares could be sold at any time to free up cash, as far as I am aware there is no lock in agreement. Last year the shares were worth £4.0m, this year they are worth £4.1m.Parkmead are simply stating their current value.

blouson blouse 29 Mar 2018

stake in Faroe for sale? Reading between the lines is that a sensible inference?

TheDell 29 Mar 2018

Re: Stay Positive I tend to agree with you on the assumption that the market has built today`s value into the price over the last weeks . Looking forward on a risk reward scenario it looks a good 10¬1 shot for the long term assuming everthing plays out. I don't do favorites.

Bluemogganer 29 Mar 2018

Re: Stay Positive A rather lack lustre response from the market given this encouraging report. I guess the increase in SP has been built in over last week or so with leakage of news!

TheDell 29 Mar 2018

Stay Positive A resounding buy signal on that results address. The gateway to be passed is the crucial GPA tieback report to the Scott platform in 2-3 months time. There are plenty of "Lookers" at the proposals on offer , some with "Cash" . If a JV partner on the GPA project finds it viable and is contracted all risks regarding the matter of the fraud allegations and other issues would have been evaluated before a go ahead is given y that party. Couple of hurdles yet though! Come on Tom!!

blouson blouse 28 Mar 2018

Re: Governance NQM,Ha. I think Trump had you in mind when he coined the term fake news. If you read the entirety of my posts you will see that actually I was right: there have already been opportunities to buy in cheaper.Look- you seem to you know your stuff and take a balanced view but you posted a gratuitous criticism of me that, when considered in context, I would hope you can see was unwarranted; irrelevant to what I had posted; and added nothing to a genuine and helpful discussion about the merits of holding PMG. Hence why I felt the need to provide the correct context.No one gets every decision and judgement right, least of all me. So I disagree with your opinion that people should be called out when they get it wrong- unless (perhaps) they repeatedly give no explanation for their beliefs on which people can judge them and just repeatedly spew out nonsense.However, if people should be called out how's this howler from you on PMG from a few years ago :"Topped up again this morning at 180p after topping up a month or so ago at 210p. Today I added an extra 10% to my holding after adding 5% last month. Obviously both buys now look a bad move but I am confident that over time they will prove to be extremely cheap....I would say that now is a gilt edged opportunity to accumulate." You also said you would be topping up further if it fell further- I hope you didn't.Gilt edged? That's as bullish a recommendation as I've ever seen! As I say we all get it wrong so I only mention it because by your own standards I'm entitled/obliged to. I disagree and think genuine detailed opinions are helpful- and some the most helpful I've seen on various boards have been well constructed views that disagree with my own. Obviously some will be wrong- but the thought process behind them can still be insightfulAs for my response to your initial criticism yesterday I only replied because the context of my sell recommendations at 35/36p was IMO very important and made your summary misleading. The crux of those latest sell recommendations was either correct or else too soon to be called wrong.Yup, In November I did have a "weak sell" recommendation on PMG OVER THE LONG TERM because it's COMPARATIVE RISK/REWARD metrics meant, IMO that there was better value elsewhere. I still believe that at 43.25p. Also I suggested selling because I thought ( a key word) and explained that I suspected there would be an opportunity to buy PMG back cheaper. And there has already been !! If anyone had followed my earlier advice to sell much higher they wouldn't still have held their shares in PMG. Am I to be responsible for those who ignore my much more strident sell recommendations at circa 56p , only to sell on a 'weak sell' 35p when it was a more nuanced COMPARATIVE recommendation. ( Tho depending on what they switched into they could still be doing better than retaining PMG even with it's rise). Surely anyone knows that once a price has tumbled the judgment call is that much harder and margin for error much greater when selling? My posts were balanced and not pure negativity- just giving information for people to factor in to their own consideration. Below is just one small extract from one of those "sell" posts you mention but is the theme of all of them . Just because- in the last few months ( for the first time for years) PMG has actually gone up does not make it's COMPARATIVE performance OVER TIME good. Time is needed before we can know. I'm not a trader and most amateur traders lose money.I invest for the long term (3-5 years usually). My opinion- which was all it was- was for the medium/long term. Judge me on that time frame not a different metric which you choose to impose. EXTRACT ( highlighting is from the original):"When considering other opportunities in the market that I think are much better, that reinforces my view that PMG COMPARATIVELY is a sell, to redeploy the capital elsewhere.Also, I am very

NoQuestionMarks 27 Mar 2018

Re: Governance BB,You neglect to mention the three SELL recommendations you posted in November 2017, the shares were trading throughout that month in a range of roughly 34-37p.You got it wrong, get over it, the need to be right is one of the investors worst enemies.If you are must issue BUY and SELL recommendations be prepared to be called out when you get it wrong.