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Mary Mullins 04 May 2018

Re: the long shadow Well said Killermanjarrow, I was going to ignore the reply by Blouson Blouson aimed at me because he obviously has his own agenda. If he wants to portray himself as some sort of legal eagle may he long continue to do so but it is not right that he can call into question the integrity of Parkmead by misquoting official press releases.The case goes back to when Parkmead was a boutique bank before Tom Cross became a director and rather than gain out of it it cost Parkmead around £8million. Parkmead bought Quayside because it was decent fit as an arm of a boutique bank for £10 million only for Mills to divert the revenues through other companies. Blouson is correct in saying that companies are generally liable to the actions of their directors but this was a well orchestrated fraud involving one of the world's largest banks and Mills made fools of the directors of Parkmead but it was only a matter of months before the decline in the revenue stream of Quayside came under the microscope. The company was sold back to Mills for £1.9 million a few months after Mills resigned as a director. Tom Cross became a director in October 2006 with the aim of turning into a oil compny and Mills resigned in June 2007. Any shareholder in Parkmead can allay their fears by reading any of the excellent reports by Ian Fraser who was the only journalist with the courage to take on HBOS and the FCA who tried for years to whitewash what had happened.Rather than trying to tarnish the reputation of Parkmead perhaps Blouson Blouson would like to comment on the activities of Core Enterprise Management and the Sandwell Organisation run by Mills. GLA.

killermanjarrow 04 May 2018

Re: the long shadow Blouson you're repeating a point that you've already made and your point here is one of the most tenuous I've ever seen on a BB. You've said"The NCA are now investigating other complaints about Mills, HBOS and the PMG subsidiary (Quayside)"Really? your link says the NCA are only investigating the South East Region of HBOS’s Impaired Assets Division. The NCA will determine whether there's a need for a further criminal investigation into this HBOS division. Surely the factual statement, based on the link that you've provided is"The NCA are now investigating other complaints about the South East Region of HBOS’s Impaired Assets Division"If the article did mention Quayside and PMG specifically then I would think there was a level of risk worth considering.

blouson blouse 03 May 2018

Re: the long shadow MM and CSZ you may choose to ignore what I say but there isn't a fact I have mentioned that is incorrect. Demeaning and belittling me and the facts is unhelpful to anyone who wants to consider and research the matter for themselves so they can have a full understanding of the risks and rewards of their investment .But anyone who thinks that crimes are time barred or that PMG does not have potentially large exposure is delusional. the facts are simple-- It DOES involve PMG- the crook was an executive director for some 18 months- PMG patently isnt dissolved- He carried out his crimes whilst director or Parkmead and for at least one subsidiary of PMG.- companies generally are responsible for unlawful acts of their directors carried out whilst putatively performing their duties- The link is some 10 years ago not 2 months- but as David Mills can reflect on during his 15 years inside , how long ago a crime was committed has nothing to do with responsibility and culpability for it.I don't know what your legal background is but your opinion seems to ignore the facts and the basic legal princip

wikkid22 03 May 2018

Re: Not Guilty Can you give us s a link to the not guilty verdict news CSZ. It will be a relief to holders of PMG to know.

Mary Mullins 02 May 2018

Re: the long shadow Still trying to peddle this one? So it could involve PMG? A man has been jailed for fraud, he was a director of a company that is dissolved. The company that bought his company is also dissolved. The link to Parkmead and the fraudster was from memory two months. When Tom Cross took over the fraudster was shown the door poste haste. Good luck to anyone considering litigation.