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12:20 17/04/2019

#OEX triggered a breakout alert [link]

09:42 09/07/2015

Check out cookie10 post on hotcopper, could end up with plenty of questions at the meeting?

10:12 08/07/2015

If they got a majority no vote at the gm we are screwed quicker I suppose?

01:09 03/07/2015

Very sad Ron!

10:40 01/07/2015

Could canning play a part in all of this??

02:37 01/07/2015

Yes another capital raising

02:26 01/07/2015

Trading halt asx

10:55 29/06/2015

Fourth quarter report next month will see what money is left??

09:18 29/06/2015

agree bob, bad timing

03:50 29/06/2015

Asx flat would need to find some gas in volume for the share price to go up one would think?