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Colne_Point 18 Feb 2016

Re: Todays RNS - Cronyism Alert! Sorry wrong board

Colne_Point 18 Feb 2016

Todays RNS - Cronyism Alert! Unimpressed with the dilution at c. 1/3 of today's market price.Further rewards for failure ...Shame on you!

etadelete 28 Jan 2016

looking good buys coming in.hoping positive news this year.gla

Crimson_Tide 22 Dec 2015

Re: STRONG BUY Exciting news this Quarter? Thanks for the update Ambience - wasn't aware there was a new CEO either....

ambience 22 Dec 2015

STRONG BUY Exciting news this Quarter? Sorry fat finger last post

ambience 22 Dec 2015

Re: Exciting news this Quarter? You need to take look at and the NEW discussion board - this is rumoured to be about a potential new company that Adam Reynolds (new exec director) may have found and that would be reversed into NEW and would be transformational - nothing to do with previous aims of the company - actually a lot has happened last few months!!

Crimson_Tide 22 Dec 2015

Exciting news this Quarter? There has been absolutely no activity here for 3 months following the giving up of the Danish licences and today we are up 17% - looks like a pump & dump to me. I am awaiting a reply from the company on their endeavours to acquire "undervalued late stage projects in an effort to provide near-term cash flow". I'm not expecting a great deal.....although, Christmas is upon us and you just never know!Merry Christmas to all holders.

Ripley94 03 Dec 2015

Re: Down we go TW. sort of slagged it but said he would buy @ 0.07 ???Guess he should be in then ??

SPOKY 20 Nov 2015

Re: looks good Sorry about the typos, on my previous message...Shouldn't do this from my iPhone with prediction text on...

SPOKY 20 Nov 2015

Re: looks good Hmm... Not sure it looks good!!!Mr Reynolds which has just been appointed as director, seems to be a specialist at dissolving companies...Looking at his previous history, he seems to resign an company going in to administration.Hope I'm wrong, but you have been warned.Unfortunately I've in the unfortunate position of seating in a large loss or I would be cashing in my holding ... As they say let the dice roll

riddler24 20 Nov 2015

88 Energy, assets more attractive to oil majors. [link]

etadelete 28 Oct 2015

looks good hope

etadelete 14 Oct 2015

Re: Down we go cant see this go up.hope some good news on its way.too much of shares given out .gla

jaja 17 Sep 2015

WRES bouncing back up now

josmith70 01 Aug 2015

Daniel Levi and Tom Winnifrith, two vitriolic bloggers well-known in small-cap circles [link]