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arborman 25 Jan 2018

Re: news anyone total billings of approximately $15.6 million for the full year thereby enabling the Company to achieve its first year of profitability as an operating business. fixed operating costs which have been reduced to below $5.5 million for 2017 (2016: $6.5 million). As a result, with billings in line with market expectations, the Company expects EBITDA to be slightly ahead of market expectations, with profit being further boosted by $2.1 million through monies received by the Company from two contested TLD auctions that took place during 2017.So, gross profit of $10.1m, net profit maybe half around $5m boosted by $2.1mShould be a great day for the SP with ongoing consolidation discussions expected to be completed during April

RUL8 04 Nov 2017

news anyone Any one know what's happening with this share? SP going down and down and down! Is this for a cheap sale of the company?

oggs 01 Nov 2017

Where did... ..all the cheerleaders go?

arborman 07 Aug 2017

Re: For Sale SP creeping up

arborman 01 Jun 2017

Re: For Sale Nice rises recently, heading to 15+ for sale

f1nants 25 May 2017

Re: For Sale 15p might be about right as that is just over a 40% premium which is probably the max we could expect. It would just about cover my bought in price...lol..

arborman 25 May 2017

Re: For Sale No, they must be as bored with MMX as the rest of us, what would be a fair takeover price though? I would be hoping for at least 15p but the management might prefer a merger so they keep their salaries...

Owen Nobody 25 May 2017

For Sale Well it doesn't look like the management want to stick around does it.

Inside Skinny 02 Mar 2017

What is MMX's USP? 7 years ago I was chatting to a colleague who said he had sunk £7k into a penny stock, MMX.We got to talking. I said ok, so they sell domain names? Are there competitors out there able to sell domain names? Is MMX exclusive in any way? What's the guaranteed growth?It was also at the time the ICANN talks were underway regarding additional domain names (they'd been flip-flopping over addtional domain names for some time). In essence an independent body (well, in the pocket of the US) that no one had sway over.I summarized the conversation with him thus: - MMX is not exclusive in its market- Certainly isn't a leader- ICANN can do what they want, when they want and their decision making is slowMy conclusion, "I'd reduce your exposure" I proffered. He duly did. At the same time I bought £50 in MMX and said "I may as well have burnt this cash." Also, I note the senior leadership team seem to be bigging themselves up but my shares are down 10% over the 6 years (check out OXB, a similar story in regard to management promises).I ask, sincerely, why invest in this stock over any other penny share?

buzzard stubble 25 Jan 2017

RNS Toby Hall, CEO of MMX, commented:"We now have an organisational structure in place that will allow the Group to continue growing profitably. This is particularly exciting given the phenomenal growth we are seeing in what is still effectively a nascent industry - a nascent industry that saw a net growth of over 16million registrations during 2016 - broadly in line with that of .com and all the country codes combined. As we look forward into 2017, our focus will be to continue monetising our portfolio both in terms of new registrations and renewals across our three main regions of focus - Asia, particularly China, Europe and the US, with a natural emphasis towards those markets showing greatest growth."ch

buzzard stubble 23 Jan 2017

appointment Solomon Amoako has joined new top level domain company MMX (formerly known as Minds + Machines) as VP of Channel Management. Amoako will be responsible for sales in the Americas and Europe.He’s a familiar face in the domain name industry, having held roles at Tucows, eNom and Sedo. Most recently, he was Chief Sales Officer and SVP at Sedo for the Americas.Amoako will be working with the registrar channel as well as cultivating relationships with domain name investors. [link]

buzzard stubble 17 Jan 2017

.law / .horse vids MMX Partners with Certified Horsemanship Association in US.[link] promo and commentCohen Pacitella Roth on .law[link] & Kreindler on .law[link]

Owen Nobody 07 Nov 2016

Positive RNS Will be interesting to see if it has any affect on the SP.

oggs 22 Sep 2016

Re: .VIP Personal expression is a very valuable commodity/Overriding culture is uniform....

treble in 1999 21 Sep 2016

Re: NTLD stats strange moved some to nominet[link] was pointed out to me , they RNS's this back in Ap