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piw 10 Dec 2018

MMX presentation at Mello London November 2018 Minds Machines (LON:MMX) presentation at Mello London November 2018, by Toby Hall, CEO (who joined to turnaround in 2014). piworld.co.uk Minds + Machines Group (MMX) Presentation at MELLO London November 2018 Minds + Machines (MMX) presentation at Mello London November 2018 By Toby Hall, CEO Minds + Machines Group Limited and its subsidiaries own and operate a portfolio A good overview of what they do, the turnaround, and their vision.

forwardloop 04 May 2018

info [link]

Owen Nobody 04 May 2018

Re: Has the market got this wrong The market thought they had out themselves up for sale and I guess they have concluded that no one was interested.

The Canny Scot 04 May 2018

Has the market got this wrong Results look very positive , I would rather be in this than out but the market must see the acquisition as a negative . Back into the red now but to near my break even price to top up , this still remains my biggest holding in my portfolio and I will have to wait a bit longer to reduce slightly with some profits to spend.

oggs 10 Apr 2018

Re: Full year results - April Not sure about that line about not being subject to the takeover code.This from what I wuld think of as a reliable souce cites a change made in 2013:All UK Public Companies whose shares are tradedon AIM, or any other multilateral trading facility(MTF) which includes the ISDX Growth Market,will be subject to the Code, regardless of whetherthey have their central management and controloverseas.

preciousmaj 04 Apr 2018

Re: Full year results - April I hope so treble in 1999, not long to go now for the final results update. Last years update was on Tuesday 25th April and Wednesday 27th April in 2015, I would presume that it would be a similar date this year. We had the following RNS on 25th May 2017 so will be interesting to find out the outcome of the strategic review:''Minds + Machines Group Limited (AIM: MMX), one of the world's leading owners and operators of Internet Top-Level Domains ("gTLDs", announces that following a number of informal approaches from external parties, the Board has appointed US investment banking firm, Headwaters MB, to review the various strategic options open to the Company to maximise value for shareholders. MMX has been restructured successfully by the new management team into a profitable business with an increasing recurring revenue stream, a world class asset base, and one of the strongest footprints in Asia following the launch of .VIP and the subsequent MIIT approval in China. During the last 18 months, the new generic top-level domain market has experienced unprecedented growth and trading by the Company has, and continues to, reflect this. Registrations are up over 40% year to date. The sector remains highly fragmented and the review will explore how strategic options might accelerate shareholder value, in particular whether and how MMX can participate in a broader industry consolidation. The outcome of the strategic review may therefore include, but not be limited to, an acquisition by or sale / merger of the Company. The Company will make a further announcement to update shareholders on progress of the strategic review when appropriate. MMX is incorporated and registered in the British Virgin Islands and it is consequently not subject to the provisions of the UK City Code on Takeovers and Mergers.''

treble in 1999 29 Mar 2018

Re: Full year results - April Should be 100% return at least for Hony

preciousmaj 29 Mar 2018

Full year results - April The trading update in January said:''The strategic review continues to progress and the benefits of consolidation in the industry remain. Whilst the longevity of the discussions has been at times frustrating, it is hoped that the process can be brought to a successful conclusion by the time of the full year results which are expected to be released in April 2018.''Toby Hall, CEO of MMX, commented: "To have transformed the Company from a loss-making business to a profitable one on an ongoing basis within 24 months is an achievement the whole team should be proud of. 2018 has started positively and I look forward to updating shareholders in April with our strategy for building on this profitable platform and delivering value to shareholders."It's not long to go to see how the company plans to deliver value to shareholders.Simon Thompson feels that any outcome would be valued at 13p+ because that is the level that Hony Capital invested at.

arborman 25 Jan 2018

Re: news anyone total billings of approximately $15.6 million for the full year thereby enabling the Company to achieve its first year of profitability as an operating business. fixed operating costs which have been reduced to below $5.5 million for 2017 (2016: $6.5 million). As a result, with billings in line with market expectations, the Company expects EBITDA to be slightly ahead of market expectations, with profit being further boosted by $2.1 million through monies received by the Company from two contested TLD auctions that took place during 2017.So, gross profit of $10.1m, net profit maybe half around $5m boosted by $2.1mShould be a great day for the SP with ongoing consolidation discussions expected to be completed during April

RUL8 04 Nov 2017

news anyone Any one know what's happening with this share? SP going down and down and down! Is this for a cheap sale of the company?

oggs 01 Nov 2017

Where did... ..all the cheerleaders go?

arborman 07 Aug 2017

Re: For Sale SP creeping up

arborman 01 Jun 2017

Re: For Sale Nice rises recently, heading to 15+ for sale

f1nants 25 May 2017

Re: For Sale 15p might be about right as that is just over a 40% premium which is probably the max we could expect. It would just about cover my bought in price...lol..

arborman 25 May 2017

Re: For Sale No, they must be as bored with MMX as the rest of us, what would be a fair takeover price though? I would be hoping for at least 15p but the management might prefer a merger so they keep their salaries...