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Kenj2 12 May 2018

Re: Update from IKN More from Otto.Jamie Pinto fired by Sedapal."The crooked ways of Jaime Pinto Tabini, once of Minera IRL and forever under a cloud of abject two-faced lying and double-dealing, are now catching up with him fast. Due to the acceleration of formal State corruption charges against him he has now been fired from the board of directors of State water company SEDAPAL.Jail time awaits this lying piece of cr-@p soon. In the meantime, please reflect once again on the fact that the whole case brought by COFIDE against Minera IRL (MIRL.cse) rests on the testimony of one man; Jaime Pinto Tabini.IRL gonna win so much they gonna get tired of winning, I'm tellin' ya...gonna be beautiful folks."

Kenj2 30 Apr 2018

Update from IKN Jamie Pinto Corruption Case"You Minera IRL (MIRL.cse) aficionados out there will be pleased to learn that Jaime Pinto, along with a handful of other execs, has just been indicted on a totally separate case of corruption, this time connected with an electricity company at which he is a director "Electro Oriente" (ELOR). The charges are serious and have been levied by the national body that investigates public sector corruption and include a freeze on his assets and also the loss of banking privacy (which means the prosecutors are now allowed to look into his bank accounts and financial movements.We also remind readers that the whole COFIDE case against Minera IRL still rests on the testimony of Jaime Pinto. Guess who is going to win?"

Kenj2 30 Jan 2018

Re: Canadian trading Hi Kempseyman,I do not know, of any Canadian BB and most of the UK ones are very quiet.ADVFN is the most active UK one as far as I can see, but not a great deal reported on there either.[link] worth keeping an eye on the IKN blog which reports on South American mining companies. However, I don't think there has been anything much posted this year.[link]

Kempseyman 30 Jan 2018

Canadian trading HiAnyone know of Canadian blog or bulletin board to get some info on the latest position regarding a uk listing or progress with the confide problem. Still holding a good slug of these shares......

Kenj2 29 Jan 2018

Re: Trading They are trading on the Canadian CSE exchange.Details in my post of 13 Feb 2017.

the rag 24 Jan 2018

Trading Hi all. Are these shares traded anywhere?

Kenj2 23 Nov 2017

IKN - Hilarious Nothing at all to do with Minera, but well worth viewing the IKN blog for 23 Nov.Great piece about a Catholic church, enjoy![link]

Kenj2 07 Oct 2017

From IKN on 5th Oct "Minera IRL: It's beginning to dawn on Cofide...that they're deep in the excrement. About time too, the frea kin' dumb@$$es. I mean, this band of fools try to get an asset for U$70m, then when Minera IRL doesn't just roll over and play dead demand an arbitration procedure without even noticing how weak Cofide's case is, then when they see their case is weak try everything in their power to stop the arbitration from moving forward. And now the connection between Cofide's chief Pedro Grados and the piece of cr-@p hired by Daryl Hodges to steal the company back in 2015, Jaime Pinto, is finally coming to light. The truth behind that cosy partnership has only just begun to be revealed, too.Meanwhile, according to the on-record statements of the IRL chairman, the company can't wait to get the arbitration process going. What does that tell you?"

JohnyCash 03 Oct 2017

Baled Out Just sold at C$ 11.5. Took advantage of small climb today on back of RNS issued yesterday.Overall loss of circa £300, but I'm happy to stuff £1400 in my sky rocket and make better use of it. Really happy to be out actually, but will continue to monitor progress of this companyJC

JohnyCash 02 Oct 2017

Board Appointments LIMA, PERU--(Marketwired - Oct. 2, 2017) - Minera IRL Limited ("Minera IRL" or the "Company" (BVLAC:MIRL)(CSE:MIRL)(CNSX.MIRL)(CSE.MIRL.CN), is pleased to announce the appointment of Mr. Jesus Armando Lema Hanke and Mr. Santiago Valverde Espinoza to the Company's Board of Directors, effective 01 October, 2017.Jesus Armando Lema Hanke is an attorney with over 25 years of experience in corporate law, specialized in international economics, stock market and foreign investment.Santiago Valverde Espinoza is a metallurgical engineer with over 30 years of experience in mining. Mr. Espinoza has a PhD in Environmental and Sustainable Development, is the ex-President of the Peruvian Engineer College of Metallurgists, and is a frequent speaker on the topic of monitoring and environmental risks. He is also PHD head professor at the National Engineering University of Peru on tailings management and technology.Gerardo Perez, Executive Chairman of the Board of Minera IRL, commented, "We are delighted that Armando and Santiago have agreed to join our Board of Directors and we look forward to the contributions that their experience in the financial and capital markets, as well as their metallurgical, social and environmental skills, can bring to our efforts to execute on our vision for Minera IRL's flagship gold project at Ollachea."With these appointments, the Company Board now consists of five directors, three of whom are independent directors.

the rag 12 Sep 2017

Re: Corporate Action Hi. This was April, now it's September - anything on the jungle drums?

JohnyCash 03 Apr 2017

Re: Corporate Action If you need the money I suggest you contact the Sipp provider and tell them you want to cash in. Should they advise that its not possible due to the stock not being listed in the UK then you could ask them to trade on the Canadian exchange. They have a responsibility to find a solution.If you're not desperate for the cash then I would sit tight for a while - I'd be really surprised if they are not re-listed on Aim before year end.Good luckJC

HoleInTheWall 31 Mar 2017

Re: Corporate Action So JohnyCash, does this mean there is a way to get some of our money back on this share? Do you have a view on what the process is? Mine are sat in a SIPP, do I contact the SIPP provider and ask them to be transferred to a "Custodian" and then speak with the Custodian to do a "manual trade"? many thanks.

JohnyCash 09 Mar 2017

Re: Corporate Action Spoke to them just now - its all kosher. Transfer to 'Custodian' allows a manual trade on the Canadian Securities market. Otherwise it remains on Crest and is nor tradeable until relisted in LondonJC

JohnyCash 08 Mar 2017

Re: Corporate Action A secure message on the iii account (requiring log-in). Also an email advising of secure message.I'll telephone tomorrow to check it out.........