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fabrav 03 Jul 2017

offer can anyone explain the two books I received this morning in simple English and in a few sentences please??

Hanky Panky 12 Apr 2017

Dalradian deal looks more likely The Dalradian royalty was always the most likely project to reach a positive outcome. I thought that the previous RNS indicated about 75% of it going ahead and now I would rate it at 90%.I think there will be reorganisation of the other so-called assets, most of which seem to vary between "high hopes" and "best keep quiet until prices improve".Well prices have improves, so.....? Exactly what is happening with Canadian assets isn't clear to me but the present share price is covered by the Dalradian shares so the New-Buchans will be a bonus. I am also in JLP and the announcements are so similar in that there is always jam tomorrow and a new story full of promise but every statement leaves me wanting to ask for clarification.(JLP do web-chats but somehow straight and unambiguous answers are never forthcoming, with this lot, the opportunity to ask and get a reply is rare)

Silveroil 21 Mar 2017

Re: Nice results from Dalradian Great day for Mio holders, unfortunately very few of us here! Most of my messages were greeted with silence!Remaining assets are going to be Canadian listed so an end of an era is on the horizon for Mio in its current form.

Silveroil 12 Dec 2016

Re: Nice results from Dalradian Further excellent news from Dalradian this afternoon, bring on those royalties

aquason 11 Dec 2016

Re: Nice results from Dalradian This seems to be getting even better.[link] some point this must feed through to the market cap of Minco.

BIGSEANO 24 Nov 2016

Dalradian mine animation [link]

Silveroil 22 Sep 2016

Re: Nice results from Dalradian Yes they were great Dalradian numbers, the NSR must be worth x2 the current share price on its own.

aquason 22 Sep 2016

Nice results from Dalradian Looks like Dalradian are doing great things in Curriganalt. 54% more gold in their test-stopes than they thought. The income-stream from this should help Minco to further develop their own projects if they can remain in business until it arrives.[link]

Silveroil 25 Aug 2016

Re: Life in the old dog yet! There is life in this one, in fact I'm expecting it to awake from a period of dormancy. The market will soon wake up to the Dalradian position I expect, you can currently buy into a business here at circa £6m Market cap, effectively circa 2.5x forecast annual Dalradian royalties that will last 12+ years. All other MIO assets a free ride., including some Canadian Zinc Assets with potential and Mexican Silver that don't have to be worth much also to transform the share price here.Cash in bank also to get MIO to that dividend position.Should get a general update in the next week based on last year Reporting.

aquason 25 Aug 2016

Life in the old dog yet! Dalradian are going to planning permission for their mine by the end of the year. If that goes ahead Minco will start receiving smelter royalties of about 3 million euro a year I estimate. That will keep the wolf from the door and maybe they might just manage to pull off a coup elsewhere. It would be nice to see some news flow from the company though.

Silveroil 28 Jul 2016

Re: Gold price Nice steady rise here, Dalradian news flow expected in Sept/Oct that will raise attention to the Minco NSR at that project. Very little interest or discussion here unfortunately.

Silveroil 15 Jul 2016

Re: Gold price Another late Friday chunky purchase from someone today. With gold, silver and zinc all heading in the right direction there is scope for good news flow from Dalradian, Xtierra or Buchans anytime during the rest of 2016.

Silveroil 03 Jul 2016

Re: Gold price Looking good here towards the end of last week, news flow from Dalradian plus improving silver outlook make this interesting for the rest of 2016, some decent buying of late also, shame very little interest here on iii. Market cap remains peanuts so upside significant I believe.

Silveroil 12 Apr 2016

Re: Gold price Further excellent results over at Dalradian, fully expect what is going on there to start to be reflected in MIO's valuation as the year progresses.

Silveroil 15 Mar 2016

Re: Gold price Sorry you didn't do well here, unfortunately there are many who have been burnt in numerous AIM Miners and Explorers over the years, obviously timing is key and no matter what you think of Management here they are sitting on a Dalradian NSR worth circa 3p per share in my view that should start hitting the news over the coming months as that mine moves towards final approvals.