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Franconia 16 Jul 2017

FYI There is now a new BB for SAND on iii. I guess this will be closed shortly so, for those that retain an interest in Sandstorm (whether TSX or NYSE), might be worth migrating?

cider boyz 11 Jul 2017

Im in Funds Just received my 28.75p per share transfer to my dealing account. Goodbye Marl, there have been good and bad times....

wozzad 28 Jun 2017

Re: Takeover question Yes, its III. I've just spoken with them, they state my account can hold/trade NYSE/TSX no issues at all. However they state they have not received any notification/instruction by LSE:MARL regarding the matter.I'll await a corporate action notification.........

cider boyz 28 Jun 2017

Re: Takeover question HI,my understanding is that iii (or whoever holds your stock) does not buy shares in Sand, your existing shares are converted into Sand shares and a cash payment by Sand/ Mariana. The issues you will need to consider are - does your trading account allow you to hold NYSE listed stock - if not you may have an issue holding/ trading sand. Also iii should probably have notified you of election options as to what you want to happen re your holding - I suggest you check notifications in your looks like takeover was ratified on the 26th June!on track to delist 4 July so best investigate asap!

wozzad 27 Jun 2017

Takeover question Quick question.When this is all done and said, Will iii automatically buy shares in SAND (NSE? TSX) and put them in my portfolio, or will i have the option to sell at the equivalent SP? For reference, I have a very small holding, 1k shares, bought@43p in 2016.

cider boyz 07 Jun 2017

Tax question Price hit 99p so took a small top slice, but subject to tax implications and stock exchange compatibility issues I plan to hold the rest for a while.which leaves me with my question:Are there any tax liabilities for the cash payment - do I get all 28.75p per share or is there a "special dividend"/ CGT implication. Do I nominally "sell" circa 25% of my existing holding in exchange for cash (and apply normal tax rules on sales?)Alternatively do I just "ignore" the cash payment and treat the purchase price for my MARL shares as the purchase price for the new sandstorm gold shares?eg lets assume I paid £10,000 for 10,000 marl shares.On this basis im due circa £2,875 cash (hopefully no tax), and2,573 sandstorm gold shares - for the cgt perspective do I now treat the 2,573 shares as costing me £10,000 or £7,125 (10k - £2,875),ta

smilingmickey1 06 Jun 2017

Re: Trading different exchange with iii Based on Sandstorm's share price today I calculate that the "value" of the bid by Sandstorm is approx £1-00. So not a bad deal for Marl shareholders, particularly those who do not want to own $US stocks.However for the more adventurous, becoming Sandstorm share holders seems to have good prospects. The word is that some existing Sandstorm shareholders are not happy with the plan to buy MARL (dodgy Hot Maden location being an issue and overvalued bid another) and that is why the Sandstorm share price has fallen since the offer has been made.IMHO Hot Maden will become a very profitable option as a mine, and Marl's shares were significantly undervalued prior to the bid (dodgy location and only a minority shareholding with Turkish Company Lydia owning 70%.) So maybe Sandstorm have not overbid. As an existing NSR holder in Hot Maden they should have known what they were getting themselves into!Sandstorm's plan appears to be to convert their ownership in Hot Maden into an income stream in exchange for advancing an up front cash payment to Lydia to build the mine. This reduces some of the risk of their owning a mine in Turkey. it's quite feasible to do the deal (presumable already discussed by the 2 parties) as getting an up front payment to fund the capex for the new mine in exchange for gaining 100% and full control of the business maybe what Lydia want (no need for expensive feasibility studies to raise expensive debt because the location is considered dodgy.)SM

arborman 06 Jun 2017

and out just sold at 97.11p, having bought in at 43p, nice profit and onto the next one, fancy some 7DIG, BOOM and PROXGood luck all those still holdingcheers ta xx

Div Hunter 05 Jun 2017

Re: Trading different exchange with iii Now I see why the SP is currently running at 95p & not closer to £1.09. The scheme document that values the transaction at £1.09 per share is based on Sandstorm shares being US$4.04 when they are currently trading at US$3.55 (CAD4.77). [link]

Div Hunter 01 Jun 2017

Re: Trading different exchange with iii Well, ii are certainly giving me a price for Sandstorm Gold Ltd (SSL) as an international equity, currently £2.6771 at an indicative rate of 0.5746 & showing as 4.58CAD per share. Obviously I've not pushed the button to buy so can't be 100% & who knows whether it will be the same after the merger. I've heard nothing from ii regarding voting for my MARL holding & don't expect to get a definitive answer if I ask about future trading. I'm going to take the chance, hold my shares & expect to be able to trade SSL on the iii platform as an international equity going forward. Not selling at 92p when the scheme values them at £1.09. If the SP rises to above £1.10 in the next couple of weeks I may reconsider.

arborman 11 May 2017

Re: Trading different exchange with iii That's a bit rubbish for iii not to know, surely one phone call and they'd know, or a tiny test transaction...

hoots44 11 May 2017

Trading different exchange with iii Message below from iii with regards to trading sandstorm shares through them, we would need to know if Sandstorm do their settlements on CREST and if not would they to help UK shareholders.iii -While we do have access to the Canadian and American markets this would be dependant if the holdings settle on CREST the electronic settlement system. Not all international companies are required to register to CREST so until such times as the company moved exchange, we would not be able to definitively answer if you will still be able to trade these units through Interactive Investor.

AV8or 11 May 2017

Canadian Tax Procedures Can anyone explain the complexities of selling Canadian shares from here.I understand a form is available which mitigates American tax. Is such a form available for Canadian shares?

mountainview 30 Apr 2017

My online trade account manager tells me I can trade the sandstorm shares within my ISA on the US main market and any profit is not liable to tax, just an overseas trading fee (just a few pounds per trade). So that looks all ok and nothing to worry about. Will be buying more (like everyone else seems to be last week) and waiting for the updated resource data which should be out in May before the offer hearing in Guernsey.

pipsbunrun 27 Apr 2017

novice question hi - in light of what has occurred , and my only one experience of a takeover , do we now wait for information & voting form (as is what happened on my previous experience) or is it not the same type of takeover ? i seem to notice a few of you talking about selling , which lends me to believe this is a slightly different always , any information to the novice greatly appreciated.pip