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Shrewdude 09 Jul 2018

Completion Same question as ambenn on Mar 16 any news anyone?

ambenn 16 Mar 2018

Completion Anyone have any idea when this completes and we get the proceeds? Having checked out the Laird website can find lots of flaff but no definitive date!

Ripley94 08 Mar 2018

Re: Time to Buy? Well done hairyhelmet , and later tied and confused for posting bernberg buy note.One of bells recommendations maybe i should start reading there stuff !Offer came in 1st march + 72.6 % above previous close 28 Feb 18. Offer @ 200p

DIE HARD 1 02 Mar 2018

Re: Berenberg Sold myself hope we are doing the right thing

Tired and Confused 01 Mar 2018

Re: Berenberg Well my hunch was right!Just sold out although it seems quite possible given I sold for more than the guaranteed cash price that there might be a counter bid? But as ever 'a bird in the hand...'AIMHO and DYOR

Tired and Confused 26 Feb 2018

Berenberg Berenberg issued a buy note on the 23rd February. Interesting timing from this conservative and well respected Investment Bank.With Mike Bell appointed as the new CTO and the full year results being broadcast by live by webcast at 090 GMT on Thursday 1st March 2018, maybe they know something.All I know is you have to be pretty confident that the results are going to be good to issue a buy rating so close to the result date especially after the difficulties LRD have had in the recent past. The shares really have been marked down too much? I think the results will show this.AIMHO and DYOR

hairyhelmet 19 Feb 2018

Time to Buy? The 9 month trading update was positive and the full year should be as was predicted at that time. However since the update the share price has taken a tumble. It has under performed all the major indices. This is most likely due to poor smartphone sales worldwide and more importantly strengthening sterling. I currently reckon the the market has oversold this share, but by how much I don`t know. Unfortunately I am already quite heavy in this share otherwise I would be buying. I am a confident holder and hope the results give us a boost.

II Editor 30 Nov 2017

NEW ARTICLE: Can this Apple supplier sustain its recent climb? "Laird (LSE:LRD)In the great scheme of things, few things define utter boredom more than LSE:LRD:Laird's share price during the last six months. But oddly we'd a flurry of requests for an update, so perhaps something interesting is possible.Let's ..."[link]

II Editor 30 Nov 2017

NEW ARTICLE: Trends and Targets for 30/11/2017 " LAIRD (LSE:LRD) In the great scheme of things, few things define utter boredom more than Lairds share price during the last six months. But oddly we'd a flurry of requests for an update, so perhaps something interesting is possible. Let's ..."[link]

SundayTrader 31 Oct 2017

Re: quietly moving ahead Hoping for a bit more stability now that management has done the rights issue and re-based the dividend. This has been one of my poorer stock picks over the past five years and should probably have got rid of it long ago. For the moment we are in an up cycle for their end markets so we should see an improving price.

tradingup 27 Oct 2017

quietly moving ahead hasn't been a post here now for six months during which time the sp seems to have stablilsedand moved in a positve direction. any ideas about where we go from here?

Tired and Confused 04 Apr 2017

Rights Seems the new shares have started trading seamlessly and early indications suggest holding on for a while and seeing how 2017 unfolds.Most coverage I read recommended PI's take up the rights but I'm guessing many will sell some or all of the new shares so they can recover some losses and reduce exposure and risk.All bet off with firms doing business with Apple given the IMG debacle but not the same existential risk me thinks. I think we could see some modest gain here in 2017 when things settle down.AIMHO

ambenn 24 Mar 2017

Laird Rights Issue Thanks Jose, it always pays to read the small print!

JoseFrio 24 Mar 2017

Re: Laird Rights Issue Yes you may be. Currently I can buy a Laird nil paid rights share (LRDN.L) for 62p. Each share requires me to pay a further 85p next week in order to convert it to a Laird ordinary share (LRD.L), else it will become worthless. And guess how much one of these is currently worth? Yup, 147p. No arbitrage opportunity there methinks. The nil paid share price will track the ordinary shares very closely, but 85p lower.You can sell the nil paid rights at any time before conversion, but the only way you can buy them back cheaper is if there is a fall in the Laird share price.

ambenn 24 Mar 2017

Laird Rights Issue Am I missing something? Currently the rights issue are selling for less than the take up price of 85p. So it would be better to sell the current allotment of rights and buy again in the market, or as I say, am I missing something?