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Asset Match 07 Sep 2016

LDP - Post AIM Good afternoon,We are managing an aftermarket for Leed Resources post AIM, so should anyone wish to get involved on the trading side, simply keep track of the price and/or keep up to date with developments at the company, then you can do so by registering on our platform. It's free to register and will literally take you 30 seconds.Shareholder correspondence is also being sent out directly by the company to that affect.Along with Leed, we manage a trading facility for six other firms who also chose to delist from AIM and the ISDX. The other fifteen odd companies we look after are made up of private companies who either do not need to raise cash so can't see the point in listing on the public markets as well as a couple who are treating Asset Match as a training ground ahead of an IPO.If you need any help or have questions then please don't hesitate to get in touch.All the best,Ben Weaver

Phillip Reid 21 Jul 2016

Re: Exit left Dedder 'n ded I reckon.Just have one investment in a company called Battalion Ltd that has no recorded key executives according to Bloomberg.Battalion have an interest in making limestone blocks near Perth in Australia.

only2hatsinvests 21 Jul 2016

Exit left Is this one dead?

swoopie 30 Sep 2015

news why no up to date info last message in june

BOWOOD 17 Jun 2015

RNS Must be oversold

BOWOOD 17 Mar 2015

Manas We must not forget that there could be substantial value in Manas Coal which has been written down to nothing. I am sure the current Board will be pursuing recovery here.

BOWOOD 16 Mar 2015

Re: Buys Pushing up now ahead of the interims. Take a look at the website and the positive info on the investment.

BOWOOD 16 Mar 2015

Buys The last two trades were buys

BOWOOD 12 Mar 2015

Interims Interims due mid March so we should get an update on the investment in Australia. This I feel was a good investment that gives LED a good return with an option to take more equity. Also there is still a fair amount of cash in the Bank. I think the Interims will be positive and make the current price of 0.7p look very attractive. A good price to top up at IMO.

BOWOOD 08 Jan 2015

RNS Good return on the investment. Management appear to be applying thought to the market.and where to invest.

BOWOOD 05 Jan 2015

Buy A useful buy - £6k into a sub penny stock.

BOWOOD 02 Jan 2015

Re: News Should have been before the year end so I guess we can expect it any time next week. Could be a major move that will see the sp much higher.

BOWOOD 18 Dec 2014

News Serious news about to break?

BOWOOD 16 Dec 2014

Investment We are told the news relating to the investment in Australia will be before the end of the year. It cannot be an existing quoted company or they would have bought in. Could be a fund raising for a new company seeking a quote or a RTO. Whatever it is they have taken a long time over it, so it could move the SP higher.

BOWOOD 23 Nov 2014

Re: News The AGM on 9 December may shed some light on the deal.