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theprior 17 May 2018

Acquisitions Two, in as many weeks.Good news for LAKE.building an enviable business model in the right sector.TP

paddington_bear 23 Jan 2018

SP x 2.5 times or bust! Let the games begin. When Mr Holt was appointed his peculiar remuneration package was generous, with the chance of immense. For increasing amounts of extra shares, all he has to do is, before 31 Jan 2019, publish the year ending 30 Sept 2018 audited accounts on a day that the share price is between 58.57 and 98.40 pence. That total can include all dividends declared in the last two financial years, so today's 0.5p final dividend will count towards it.Cynically or practically, you can pontificate about the turnaround in the company by division, selling off Orchard, cutting debt and so on, but long suffering shareholders and Mr Holt must be focused on seeing a long overdue return by the share price towards the IPO level and beyond.GLAPB.

gallant02 05 Jul 2017

Fraude investigation This might not help the sp much...[link]

paddington_bear 27 Jun 2017

Lake still stormy Reporting on the eight month period since he started, Mr Holt was striving to show chinks of light in the stormclouds. Lots of ifs and buts and one offs added up to another period of losses and a slight increase in debt, suspended dividend and 8% drop in share price after further weakness just ahead of published results.In summary three divisions kept their heads above water and should start to float unaided from this point. The final division, property services, is still sinking the entire venture.I do not doubt the system improvements, staff reductions, targeted bidding etc have and will help restore the company. The Holt measure of success was 98p SP by end of 2018, so only fair to reserve opinion and review more critically after next results for end September. Several items are still worrying, not least the tagging of possible reduced payments on completed backlog property works. A shaky hold. Dyor..PB

Elysium Field 27 Apr 2017

New buy note From Stockdale. Target 75p

djark 23 Mar 2017

Re: HSBC MISINFORMATION Can anyone shed more light on this? I arrived home last night, sped read the letter and meant to look into it in more detail...?

freddie99 22 Mar 2017

HSBC MISINFORMATION According to HSBC Stockbrokers, Lakehouse "intends to cancel admission of its Ordinary shares on the Alternative Investment Market", and they then go on to 'inform' shareholders that "once the stock is delisted from the AIM there will no longer be a market facility for dealing in the Ordinary shares and no price will be publicly quoted for them. Therefore, these shaes will no longer fit the requirement necessary for holding them within the HSBC investment product."Who writes this stuff?

Nice to Michu 09 Mar 2017

Lake should move to AIM more often I'm liking the recent off the back of that announcement action a lot. And I'm with Edmund Jackson on the big comeback potential here. I remain long and happy.

gretel 06 Feb 2017

Tipped by Edmond Jackson as a potential doubler:[link]

casabanker 25 Jan 2017

Re: Paul Scott's view Hello IOMINVESTOR,I think Mr Scott has caught a cold with this one. The last report he made was full of optimism, saying that there is much upside once LAKE was over its poor start and hinting at an ultra high dividend rate. He has changed his tune but I am sure he is right about the sector risk of making costly mistakes. I am not about to cash in whilever the mood continues to be bullish. The future for LAKE depends very much on the UK's economic climate. If we can avoid a recession maybe LAKE will prosper.Casa.


Paul Scott's view n[link]

casabanker 24 Jan 2017

Full year results The management look to be sorting out the difficulties with the Property Services division and there has been good contributions from acquisitions. The final dividend of 0.5p means that the yield is just over 4% which is quite reasonable considering the poor start to 2016. Can they keep it up? The reorganisation has been completed and it looks promising. Casa.

Nice to Michu 15 Dec 2016

I should have bought some recently damn.. oh well at least the reasonable chunk I kept is back in profit now.. and this may even roll on a bit more up from here..I likely won't buy more now ahead of jan update.. unless it goes back under 30p when ill likely do a small top up.. and yes I know that's the opposite to what chart range traders would do..

Nice to Michu 14 Dec 2016

Re: Price fall----again What a tricky stock this is. While I'm still hopeful of a turnaround in the medium term, I see it as hard earned and far from sure and must admit that out of frustration I sold 25% of my position at a small loss recently to put elsewhere. ( after the Holt rally back towards 40p then coming that significantly back off again was disappointing )I see it bouncing a bit in recent days and am tempted to buy some more but I may well wait for the next update (From the companies web site I see that they have a prelim. results announcement in Jan. - for y/e Sept - but no specific date given there.) PS: I see johnnydurex over on the lse board still has religion here.. so what could possibly go wrong!

casabanker 03 Oct 2016

Price fall----again For the second successive trading day, the sp has fallen substantially on no news. I have taken the opportunity to average down and bought more at 28.99 including costs. Hopefully the sudden drops will be "Holted" now but they cannot be ruled out. LAKE is no more than a punt atm but maybe the management issues are now in the past. Some more contract wins will be welcome but again, the public sector is not blessed with funds. I intend to give this one twelve months in order to witness a turn around with luck. Casa.