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sageii 12 Mar 2018

anyone or rather everyone prefers the lse board and posts? Very quiet on here..

II Editor 18 Oct 2017

NEW ARTICLE: The Oil Man: RockRose Energy, Independent Oil & Gas "WTI $51.88 +1c, Brent $57.88 +6c, Diff -$6.00 +5c, NG $2.96 +2cA very quiet day, the Peshmerga have retreated to the 2003 borders apparently which eased upwards pressure, but after the close the API stats showed a big draw which, if confirmed by ..."[link]

Dcee 13 Oct 2017

Re: Export route?? Once the gas gets into the National Transmission System it conceivably could be exported via the Interconnector system. But as you say the UK needs more than it produces.

sageii 13 Oct 2017

Re: Export route?? Not sure I understand you.There is no question of exporting anything.Those reserves are sorely needed by the UK to cut down on import reliance.Hopefully within 2 years the gas will be flowing to the east coast.Those figures,with more to come show bigger assets than JOG and we are further down the road than them to produce them.

II Editor 12 Oct 2017

NEW ARTICLE: The Oil Man: Independent Oil & Gas, Tullow "WTI $51.30 +38c, Brent $56.94 +33c, Diff -$5.64 -5c, NG $2.89 n/cAnother up day for crude yesterday, Opec kicked off the monthly reports session by increasing demand forecasts for next year by an albeit modest 200,000 barrels per day.The EIA STEO ..."[link]

eltelex 12 Oct 2017

that's maybe but - no export route this is a big problem - always has been. Many companies left these assets for this reason.

alltold9 12 Oct 2017

300%+? Looking strong.

one4all 12 Oct 2017

Re: market cap now lets see if that rns makes a difference

sageii 19 Sep 2017

one day this will blow ,and the lack of shares in circ will propel it upwards rapidly with multiple auctions.Next news contractors selected .Note the last rns says this process is under way.It`s not in doubt!Other news to come also,very undervalued.Good to see a little rise today.

sageii 21 Jul 2017

It`s brilliant paying for gas in advance...deferred payment for contractors.. It`s brilliant..and it`s better than billions of shares in circ!Could be news re buying part of Bacton next then....Interesting they moved things on quicker than intended and on a broader base.

sageii 21 Jul 2017

Re: rise and rns..times article [link] Oil and Gas has submitted a full-field development plan for some of its North Sea assets.The submission of its plans to the Oil and Gas Authority for the Blythe and Elgood fields drove its shares 34per cent higher, closing up 4¼p at 16¾p.A draft plan was submitted to the regulator for the Blythe field in December but the company has decided to move faster with a broader development.Andrew Hockey, deputy chief executive, confirmed that a final investment decision was expected early next year and that first gas production was being targeted for the second quarter of 2019. He said that negotiations were taking place to defer a “substantial proportion” of the upfront costs of developing the field. Analysts have suggested about £300 million will be needed to develop Blythe and other assets that the company owns.Mr Hockey said that some contractors in the supply chain appeared willing to defer 100 per cent of their costs until the first gas was produced. Talks are also taking place with large users of gas, who may be willing to pre-pay to ensure access to the supply when it comes on stream."

II Editor 19 Jul 2017

NEW ARTICLE: The Oil Man: Sound Energy, Hurricane Energy, Wentworth Resources "WTI $46.40 +38c, Brent $48.84 +42c, Diff -$2.44 +4c, NG $3.09 +7cA fairly quiet day on the oil bourses yesterday. The same old supply stories but crude edged up when the KSA export figure for May came out at 6.92 million barrels per day. This was ..."[link]

TheDrewster 19 Jul 2017

Re: market cap £13m v 2p resverves wor... Many good businesses have struggled, and even failed, through lack of cash.Yes, the multi-bag scenario is totally plausible, but far from certain yet.

one4all 19 Jul 2017

market cap £13m v 2p resverves worth £100m multibagger here, market cap is a joke

II Editor 14 Jul 2017

NEW ARTICLE: The Oil Man: Savannah Petroleum, Pantheon Resources, Independent Oil "WTI $46.08 +59c, Brent $48.42 +68c, Diff -$2.34 +9c, NG $2.96 -2cThe oil price is up another 25 cents or so this morning so one can confidently expect that it will be an up week to the extent of the best part of three dollars.The market has, for ..."[link]