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dkok 11 Dec 2018

Permit Registration It seems from today’s RNS that EUA were keen to get the permit and get it registered as a Director of the company attended to receive the permit and then registered it straight away. This would suggest that the company either want to crack on as early as possible next year, or they want to ensure that all the paperwork is all in place and irrefutible before inking a further deal? Time will tell! glta

Ripley94 22 Nov 2018

ii EUA… XXXX Just having another look at this one in hindsight Sept 26th was good opportunity . It is back up to 0.78 level ( 80 % more then when i took a profit ) 0.38p to 0.44p was 16 % for six month’s. It had fallen to 0.225 mid Dec 17 …down 41% . justify s no stop loss . Can see why i took the gain . But in hindsight was mistake. Shorters are making shares much more volatile .

TrickyDickyTwo 22 Nov 2018

Todays RNS This should go some way to clearing out some of the 0.34p shares issued recently. In yesterday’s Proactive interview Schaffalitzky talked about 0.6p warrants providing the cash requirement in the short term. From memory that’s another 150m shares. The share price should remain well below 1p for now. TDT

Totally_Wired 20 Nov 2018

Todays RNS 20 November 2018 Eurasia Mining plc (AIM: EUA) Final Approval Received for Monchetundra Mine Eurasia Mining plc (AIM: EUA), the PGM and gold producing company, is delighted to announce that the office of the Prime Minister of the Russian Federation has approved the issue of a mining permit at the Monchetundra PGM and base metals project. The Monchetundra project comprises 1.9 million ounces of palladium-led reserves and resources with platinum, gold, copper and nickel with a gross in-situ value of $2.11 billion, as detailed in the RNS announcements dated 21 May 2017 and 02 February 2018. A contract for engineering, procurement and construction and financing is in place with Sinosteel for the development of the mine. This announcement, made public through official government channels earlier today, 20 November 2018, concludes the extensive permit application process. The formal procedure involves the issue of the licence together with details of the advance royalty payment, to follow shortly. Speaking after the announcement, Christian Schaffalitzky, Chairman said: " we are very happy that our work on obtaining this licence, which began more than ten years ago, has finally been completed. We are also pleased that the Company is debt-free as it prepares to develop Monchetundra. A more detailed announcement will follow in due course with the details of the licence and an update on the project."

Helicopter_Man 06 Nov 2018

Large buy Hi Krayl I think you may have your decimal point in the wrong place!!

Krayl 01 Nov 2018

Large buy Apologies for the decimal point error! The value of the buys was £88,000 - still quite significant.

Krayl 01 Nov 2018

Large buy Around 13:30 today there were 3 buys that totalled 22M shares at 40p - that’s £8.8M. Not surprisingly others joined in and the share price finished at 46p - up 16% on the day. There has been no announcement. Does the buyer know something - or is it just taking advantage of the low price?

Krayl 27 Sep 2018

Revenue TDT Taking an agressive one-sided stance for or against a particular share is not my approach, but is a perfectly acceptable way of putting forward your views. Making personal insults against another poster is totally out of order and I hope to see an apology from you. If not then I, as an independent observer, will be reporting you.

dkok 27 Sep 2018

Revenue OK TDT, it is clear that you only have one view of EUA and that can’t be challenged. You are quite prepared to bad mouth anyone who disagrees with your point of view, but cannot see how wrong you are, so entrenched is your view. I have admitted that EUA has been through large dilution, that CS is not good at reporting via RNS in a clear manner (whether intentionally or through incompetence), that the companies reporting/performance at West Kytlim in 2017 was very very poor, but I also note that 2018 is significantly improved, and that taken with the MT asset could give a company value of around 2.5p at some point over the next 12-18months. Whereas, you will do nothing but be negative about EUA, no matter what the company or BoD does. Truly TDT, sell up and go if EUA hurts you that much. You took my comment the other day about not being so gloomy as being condescending. Trust me, it is not as condescending as the comments you have made since, and in actual fact it was meant in a sincere manner, as this is just an investment, it is not life and death, there are bigger things in life and if EUA P’s you off so much, free yourself of it, as it is not good for you. I may have been much more aggressive with you in the past, but I have just been through a situation with my 16yr old son in intensive care for a week or so in the last month, and whilst he is out of the woods now, there are some long term issues. So being so uptight about some metal in the ground in Russia will not do you any good in the long term, so take a chill pill, relax and take time for the important things in life.

TrickyDickyTwo 27 Sep 2018

Revenue I’m not really too sure what the point of that last post was. If anything it only shows you up to be even more clueless than I first thought. They say you should never argue with an idiot becuase they’ll just drag you down to their level then beat you with experience. I think that desciption fits you remarkably well dkok. TDT

dkok 27 Sep 2018

Revenue TDT - You are a wagg

TrickyDickyTwo 27 Sep 2018

Revenue Here’s some simple facts for you. Go to page 7 of the April 2018 presentation, link attached just in case you don’t have it. 2018_04%20Eurasia%20Mining%20copy.pdf Eurasia claims 55,894 kg (1.9m oz) of “palladium eq” (the eq stands for equivalent). The table on that page then goes on to list all the metals that makes up the palladium equivalent total. I presume you know what this all means? Firstly, precious metals are valued in troy ounces as you know. If you cnvert 55,894 kg you get 1,797,033 troy ounces not 1.9 or even 2m as reported on page 4 of the same document. There is almost 2m imperial ounces in 55,894 kg but nobody measures or values precious metals in imperial ounces. That’s the first piece of misleading information. Second, Eurasia will be toll smelting the ore from Monchetundra. I presume you know what that generally entails? It means you lose any credits for the minor metals and you generally only get 70% of the value for the main metals. On page 6 they claim “1.9m oz 2 PGE (Pd + Pt)” yet page 7 claims 30,019kg of palladium and 15,495 kg of platinum. Does that not jump out at you or haven’t you read the presentation and the RNSs? How do you get 1.9m ounces of Pd+Pt from these figures? In the same table on page 7 Eurasia refers to C1+C2 Reserves and Resources. I presume you know the difference between the two. A reserve is economic to extract a resource is a deposit drilled to a stated degree of confidence (measured, inferred, indicated). A resource is not necessarily economic to extract. That’s just one presentation. Go through the RNSs and look at the comments from Schaffalitzky on funding, share issues, the timing of the Monchetundra license. Instead of focusing your ire on me you should be directing it at Schaffalitzky. It’s the shoddy, inaccurate and highly misleading reporting that’s holding this share price back. You might not have picked up on these issues but the more switched on have. And in case you haven’t twigged just yet my posts aren’t directed at you or any other poster on any bulletin board. They’re directed at the company. TDT

dkok 27 Sep 2018

Revenue I Agree Krayl in terms of the general sentiment on the either bust or money on this one, I know TDT will say the former, but I think that the most likely is for Monchetundra to be bought out of EUA. We may get 10% of the reserve value at best in that case, so maybe around 6p a share, but that I think really is at best. However, I think the more likely route is a similar model to West Kytlim where a 3rd party does the mining for 65% of the return, and EUA gets the remaining 35%, butthis will be spread over many years and the SP would then reflect that which is where I was getting a 2p SP from in my previous post. I don’t think we will go bust, as I think there are a couple of very well connected major shareholders in this company, but the danger is, particularly in Russia, that there will be manipulation to maximise the benefit to those at the expense of the more ordinary retail PI. I have a couple of million shares in this at around the 0.58 level, so whilst it would be a bit of a begger if it di go end over apex, it isn’t enough that would cause me to worry unduly, but is enough to make a decent return if we get a double up or a three to four bagger. glta dkok

Krayl 26 Sep 2018

Revenue dkok Thanks for your reasoned and sensible reply. I think you are trying not to get carried away but the two most likley situations are that either it bombs or it makes a sh** load of money. When you have a £7m company with a controlling interest in a $155M investment and a $2B reserve, a middle road of a small profit is not the most likely outcome. I have a fairly substantial holding at an average price of 0.52p, within the ‘gambling’ part of my portfolio. It is certainly the one that keeps my interest!

Ripley94 26 Sep 2018

ii EUA… This is oldest link of mine i can see , July 15th 2015 , further 1st Augusta 2016 and 11th December 17 . Looks like back to where i once bought after recent daily uptrend .