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Ripley94 25 Apr 2019

Very uninspiring business EMG… XXXX This keeps alerting not sure why been as low as 130p end of March about three weeks back. Looks like name change and new corporate structure has gone down well price now 160p

handoverfist 25 May 2018

director sells shares The chief financial investment officer Sandy Rattray has sold at 1.92 n about 300,000 shares.This does not seem to be a good omen to me.

Clarence Beaks 09 May 2018

Re: Update always been a slow burner this company.

Clarence Beaks 09 May 2018

Re: Update I'm still trying to work out the worth of these buy backs. results were good, less shares in supply, price actually fell off its recent high with some venom. struggling even back to £2.

II Editor 13 Apr 2018

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Our Haven 12 Apr 2018

Update Decent results and more buy back. Sure market will like it.

Clarence Beaks 13 Mar 2018

Re: Results tomorrow People jumping on the bandwagon. Selling breeds selling and hence the fall gets overdone as those late to the party panic and come out as well.Man's doing alright hence I'll keep holding, but keeping one eye on Mr. Trump's policies.

inoutupdown 06 Mar 2018

Re: Results tomorrow Glad you got out with a profit, I initially took my profit last year and thought when it hit £2 it was on its way up?Now sitting with a loss that to me seems incredible as it was doing so well and I know older holders hold at well above the £2 mark. This market is ridiculous America goes up and we keep falling.According to my different holdings, good revenue companies are being decimated and all the wish washy get no money firms are blazing a trail to profit.

faddy10 28 Feb 2018

Re: Results tomorrow Bailed out earlier today to save a small profit, will possibly re-enter if it gets down around the 150 mark.F.

cta100 28 Feb 2018

Re: Results tomorrow One last point is that the margin thinning on management fees has been well flagged for a couple of years now due to how the company is growing FUM so I doubt that has spooked in relation to expectations.

cta100 28 Feb 2018

Re: Results tomorrow The results themselves are pretty solid, best Man has posted for a while. Good FUM growth and decent performance across most of the funds reflected in a meaningful contribution of performance fees to earnings.But all that is backward looking to year end 2017. The sell off is related to the recent vol / vix issues in the markets that have caused the systematic funds and AHL group to post ~10% drops for Feb. Systematica, Winton, CQS all are down by a similar range for reference. Has been worst month on record for CTA index, not sure why the market is starting to price that in now, it is mentioned in the results blurb but been known for a couple of weeks.The market seems to price EMG at ~150p when funds are out of the money and ~200p when at the money, so a drift back down wouldn't surprise. But the company is making decent progress, but as ever is highly geared to its own fund performance.

Our Haven 28 Feb 2018

Re: Results tomorrow I would not be surprised to see this one bounce tomorrow. Based on the figures I think that the market reaction is overdone.

meisterx 28 Feb 2018

Re: Results tomorrow Target 150

Clarence Beaks 28 Feb 2018

Re: Results tomorrow Good call its gone rotten. expect it'll come down to the 150's now.

Clarence Beaks 28 Feb 2018

Re: Nice set of results Mr. Market's not impressed considering we were 218p and now 174p. not very good.