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meisterx 21 Jan 2018

Re: Takeover Target Who would take it over?

Bodidly 21 Jan 2018

Takeover Target Question does anyone Think this could be a takeover target.

II Editor 19 Jan 2018

NEW ARTICLE: Massive crash at Carpetright "It's never easy finding a sales person in any of the big carpet chains, depite stores rarely looking busy. It's certainly the case at LSE:CPR:Carpetright which admits to a "significant deterioration in UK trading during the important ..."[link]


Be lucky to survive now Always was built on sand.Tiger

II Editor 25 Apr 2017

NEW ARTICLE: Carpetright rally meets sticky end "LSE:CPR:Carpetright shares sank as much as 15% Tuesday after the floorings chain warned annual profits would come in toward the bottom end of forecasts. It's the second time this year analysts have cut forecasts, but that dive to an eight-week ..."[link]

II Editor 31 Jan 2017

NEW ARTICLE: Is Carpetright crash over? "In summer 2015, carpets and vinyl floorings were selling like hot cakes. Wilf Walsh, in charge of LSE:CPR:Carpetright for less than a year, had pulled the company out of a tailspin and the share price had doubled in seven months. But then it all ..."[link]

penhome 07 Jun 2016

CPR on the mend? CPR looks to have bottomed and to be building strength[link]

Blanketstacker 28 Apr 2016

Re: SP lowest since 1999 But the big boys are not betting against it as there is almost no short interest:[link] the charters will be proved right in a wee while?

investor2010 28 Apr 2016

SP lowest since 1999 As far as I can see, £2.95 is the lowest SP since January 1999.

investor2010 28 Apr 2016

10 year low er. this hit £2.95, which I don't think has been recorded at any point over the last 10 years. The chart on moneyam seemed to show that, but the chart generating tool here only goes back 5 years.I think this is just a panicky sell off -- as the company has been making (slow) progress -- but the progress is not quick enough under lethargic management. There will probably eventually be a rebound, but life is too short to wait years for Walsh lackadaisical timeframes.

oldjoe1 21 Apr 2016

CPR, Bullish Bowl Forming On Chart..... CPR Carpetright PLCSP moving up after results beat at competitor UCG United Carpets. Could be a lot of upside in this one. [link]

investor2010 13 Apr 2016

Trading update soon The Jan update said "The Group will issue a pre-close update on Tuesday, 26 April 2016 and will report its preliminary results for the financial year ending 30 April 2016 on Tuesday, 28 June 2016."

investor2010 12 Apr 2016

£5 here we come people will always need carpets!

oldjoe1 11 Apr 2016

CPR, positive divergence on the chart. CPR Carpetright PLCPositive divergence now showing on the chart. Looks like 500p will be the first major SP target.[link] Plc engages in retailing carpets and floor coverings.It sells floor coverings, carpets, vinyls, rugs and laminates together with associated accessories.<b><u>Valuation 2016e 2017e</u></b>P/E ratio (Price / EPS) 18,1x 14,0xCapitalization / Revenue 0,51x 0,51xEV / Revenue 0,51x 0,48xEV / EBITDA 7,28x 6,05xYield (DPS / Price) 0,17% 2,34%Price to book (Price / BVPS) 3,17x 2,74x

oldjoe1 15 Mar 2016

CPR, Looks Cheap And Way Oversold Now. After 9 to 12 months in and out of shorting CRP Carpetright, ive decided to go long and am building a position.It looks derd cheap now and ticks all the right value boxes for growth over the next few years.Heres the Motley fool yesterday summing it up...... (sold WPP for a small profit for my one in one out current policy)Meanwhile, shares in Carpetright (LSE: CRP) are up by around 7% today despite no significant news having been released by the company. Despite this rise, its shares are still down by 29% since the turn of the year, but over the medium term they could easily recover lost ground.<b>A key reason for this is the company’s upbeat earnings forecasts. In the current financial year, Carpetright is expected to increase its bottom line by 23%, with further growth of 30% next year and 23% in the following year being pencilled in. This means that its net profit could be as much as 97% higher within the space of three years, which has the potential to act as a positive catalyst on its share price.</b>And while there are uncertainties surrounding the performance of the UK and European economies, Carpetright’s price to earnings growth (PEG) ratio of 0.5 indicates that there is a sufficiently wide margin of safety on offer to merit purchase right now.[link]