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11:37 09/04/2013

I think this firm is now at the stage where it either the SP recovers or the company is taken over. Looking again at the balance sheets seems like 2013 will be a turning point back to profitablity so this current value seems very strange.

I think the SP is not helped in anyway by the company Chairman failing to update on the independent consultants report on the future strategic direction of CFC.

It seeems there are two tiers of investor those in the 'know' and those who are outsiders and kept in the dark.

I think the lack of enagagement with shareholders seems to be whats holding back this firm.

10:59 19/03/2013

Expect a bid from Heinz maybe next week

17:58 16/10/2012

Seems like someone from Investec has joined the board as a non exec...

16:02 16/10/2012

CFC seems a screaming buy does anyone know what the firm will do with all the cash they are hoarding. How tricky is it for companies to get cash out of China?