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BlackPrince 30 May 2018

Re: Trades Another £189 worth of trades today, wow!This company is in such demand, how will they ever find enough stock to fulfill the orders flooding in?"The amazon of the business world" they said. 'They' should be shot.

BlackPrince 22 May 2018

Re: Trades Put 22nd May 2018 down as another significant trading day for Cloudbuy.Two trades all day, both before 9.00am for a total of £1,500.What is this company doing? Is there a PR representative?

BlackPrince 02 Feb 2018

Re: Trades Friday 2nd February will go down as a great trading day for Cloudbuy. The market, impressed by the continual positive updates on the company, rushed in, snapping up shares like there was no tomorrow. Could this finally be the big lift shareholders had hoped for? Screens lit up, traders shouted across busy floors, excitement built, bucket loads of coffee was consumed and when it had all died down the days trades were frantically calculated - a total of £6......

MaX ProfOrdiS 13 Jan 2018

Re: Trades Not sure. Don't think it's the P'n'D Brigade; that would normally be accompanied by a lot of posts on the bb whereas the bb is a relative desert at the moment.So, unless the P'n'D Brigade have migrated to some other medium where PIs are congregating these days, not sure what caused the price spike on Friday (at one point the share price actually touched 8.61p before falling back).Has it been mentioned in any of the penny dreadfuls?

BlackPrince 12 Jan 2018

Re: Trades Anyone know information about why this share has been so volatile or has the pump and dump brigade moved onto cloudbuy this week?

PADAMSTER 02 Jan 2018

Trades NIce £20k buy!

photogene 22 Dec 2017

Re: Christmas Could I possibly have been any more accurate on the timing.The final throw of the dice by the board.Dear Shareholders who have stuck with this company through thick and thin and seen their investment in it repeatedly diluted. Your Board have agreed that if they can't turn it to profit in the time the £3.4m runs out that they will give 89% of your company away.Given that they have never made a profit since coming to market all those years ago, I can't see it surviving.Just how many times can a company refinance stating that they think that is sufficient to reach profitability and then doing it again and again.

photogene 25 Oct 2017

Christmas If the losses of £1.73m/6 months have continued since June, then the £1.5m cash they had on 30th June, should run out just before Xmas, unless of course they dilute once again.

BlackPrince 17 Oct 2017

News and action please So do Westhouse brokers still have a £1 target price for these?It's been two years since anyone on the board has bought a share - what do they know? If they were a good buy at 40p then surely they're even better at next to nothing?

photogene 27 Jul 2017

Re: Share dump Went through at 2.5 according to LSE

wisechoiceguy 26 Jul 2017

Re: Share dump Was it a sale for sure?

photogene 26 Jul 2017

Share dump Somebody sold 7 million shares in a single transaction on 24/7. That must be a notifiable event?I wonder who? Mark Dixon?

PADAMSTER 12 Jun 2017

Re: Annual Results Still holds a large amount of shares - in my opinion!

photogene 12 Jun 2017

Re: Annual Results It did say he had bought 5.2 million, it said first he crossed the 3% threshold and then the result was he holds 5.2 million shares. You don't know how many he already had.

PADAMSTER 07 Jun 2017

Re: Annual Results the way - how does 5.2m shares equate to £56k?!