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kalkinemedia 04 May 2021

Re: Hi I was looking for some mining stocks to invest in asx so I found a company which is Australian based minerals exploration and development company, Renegade Exploration Limited (ASX:RNX) has flagship Yandal East Gold Project and Yukon Base Metal Project.

Sniper 20 Mar 2021

Hi I bought 20m shares over the last few months in BZT. Excellent news potential. Mr B sure knows what he is doing.

Ripley94 22 Oct 2018

25% spread anyone BZT… XXXX Still moving sideways shows in top gainers today but still @ 0.4p up 19% spread 14 %.

Ripley94 20 Aug 2018

25% spread anyone BZT… XXXXX Big fall December 2017 to 0.4p level and been moving sideways since . Alert today not sure why , Big spread i Guess MM messing with it .

vekta 03 May 2018

Re: Proactive Inv article Nope, your not missing anything bhptuner. The Indonesian government’s idea of taking controlling stakes in the mines and also trying to get the companies to develop downstream refining/processing operations is a well meaning intention but whenever governments get involved commercial viability goes out of the window, everything gets bogged down in meetings and agreements etc etc and it all comes to a grinding halt, which I believe is exactly what has happened there.Vekta

bhptuner 03 May 2018

Re: Proactive Inv article the country itself has stopped loads of mining projectsthe problem supposed to be enviromental.or am i missing something?anyone?

vekta 03 May 2018

Re: Proactive Inv article Even if it does get snapped-up doubt it will cover my loss, perhaps I should average down!

Hodgeyd 02 May 2018

Proactive Inv article [link]

bhptuner 07 Dec 2017

Re: What's changed in 3 weeks? Ye the man said I don't understand why the sp going downPfffIt's disappointing credibility shot to pieces

Kenj2 06 Dec 2017

What's changed in 3 weeks? Three weeks ago today Dr Bernard Oliver was telling us that all in the garden was rosy.[link] am struggling to see that what was said 3 weeks ago, and what has been said today, can both be truthful statements about the same company.

bhptuner 06 Dec 2017

FSA Need to look at some of the trades that went through recently.Obviously had insider information

dog owner 06 Dec 2017

A long wait for nothing Just when I was thinking this company was at last turning a corner it sells itself out agai

vekta 29 Nov 2017

Re: share price Worth a listen - [link]

bhptuner 15 Nov 2017

lol 100 oz mmm was expecting more than that

nomnom 04 Nov 2017

share price holding well. Expecting good production figure. ( see previous RNS)