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MaX_ProfOrdiS 23 Aug 2018

Price drop In principle an Amazon tax should be broadly tax neutral for Boohoo. Unlike a lot of the US corporations, Boohoo isn’t able to park its profits in offshore tax havens to avoid paying any (meaningful) corporation taxes. The US doesn’t appear to have anything equivalent to the UK’s CFC rules et al, so US corporations can happily park their profits in offshore tax havens until a (Republican) President takes office, takes pity on these poor US corporations and grants them a tax amnesty so that they can onshore their profits (and pay 10% tax rather than the normal 35%).

barrymid99 15 Aug 2018

Price drop Ah, I should perhaps have engaged the other brain cell.!!! Thank you.

deanogalloway 15 Aug 2018

Price drop Its the thought of an “amazon” tax on all internet businesses.

barrymid99 13 Aug 2018

Price drop Again!! Am I missing something? Currency issues?

Uncle_Doug 25 Jul 2018

Price drop Maybe the broker downgrade by Citigroup helped the drop. Also doesn’t help directors selling off whenever there seems to be a SP recovery.

barrymid99 25 Jul 2018

Price drop Why so much this morning? 25/7

maerskcon1 22 Jun 2018

Annual meeting Oh what a web the directors weave! I have to admit I have no idea now who owns what shares in the company. I know I have my small holding and appreciate the company appears to be going in the right d irection but at what cost. Time will tell! I shall have to start looking for the next boo hoo.

arney1 20 Jun 2018

Great things ahead If the future was so bright, why would the Directors keep selling?

younginvestor95 18 Jun 2018

Great things ahead Every week i’m on the internet recently I seem to be getting more and more intrigued at where this company is heading, mostly due to their seamless pushing of advertisement. recent things I have seen include: : huge social media influence from the company itself, including the use of memes and other substance to keep within the limelight and generate huge indirect advertisement of the company through shares and tags, as appose to the cost of celebrity endorsement : targeted emails and text messages from the company to its users with discount incentives on a weekly basis although this is only a couple of things, its a way of boohoo increasing their voice about the company without actually spending a huge amount of money. I’ve also not seem ASOS do this with their users or social media accounts and to me shows how much thought boohoo have behind their sales. Some might say this is only a small small difference in the grand scheme of things, but if they are thinking of these things, it shows to me the amount of effort they are putting into growing the company, and using very clever ways to do this without breaking the bank. This to me is a huge positive as appose to the weak director support we seem to have. let me know your thoughts please and whether you think i’m just clutching at straws. BW, YI

barrymid99 14 Jun 2018

Sale of shares by a director Another director taking the profit.

younginvestor95 13 Jun 2018

Trading statement tomorrow I agree completely that there is a short trading window and obviously they are entitled to trade whenever they want within that window. However it’s a really bad show for the company especially with the amount of money they are reinvesting trying to grow the company. And for a director to sell majority of their shares just shows a lack of confidence in the way the company is heading Additionally to do it in the window after first quarter results are so good could be a worse sign, as if they are so good, why not wait for the next window, when the share price is likely to be much higher. I had so much hope for this company with its amazing sales, and at the moment it’s only these that are keeping me in the share, as the director board seems to have no clue about keeping investors confidence in the share. I’m also surprised Kane’s not bought more since the sell off to regain confidence after the last 260-160 drop that shattered a lot of investors. I’d like to head everyone else’s thoughts, YI

RAConnell 13 Jun 2018

Trading statement tomorrow Fair comment but Boohoo should have been aware of the possible consequences of such a large share sale given the impact that Kane’s did last time. Once is unfortunate but twice is just careless and unforgivable. As said before it belies the implicit optimism of the trading statement.

MaX_ProfOrdiS 13 Jun 2018

Trading statement tomorrow Directors only have a narrow trading window and so it’s not uncommon for them to buy/sell shares just after trading announcements. I therefore don’t take issue with Neil Catto’s timing or the fact that he has sold shares (directors should be allowed to diversify their investments like everybody else). However, I do take issue with him selling all of his new shares given that he only currently holds 16k (I don’t count the other 600k+ options yet to be exercised); I would have liked to see him retain at least a couple hundred thousand. He might argue that the share options are part of his remuneration package but I think it is important that directors strike a balance and show some willingness to keep some skin in the game. Poor show; should vote down any more share option awards until the directors get the message.

RAConnell 13 Jun 2018

Trading statement tomorrow Likewise. When a director sells a substantial holding he/she should at least have the decency to explain why. Otherwise it raises questions as to their confidence in the future.

Uncle_Doug 13 Jun 2018

Trading statement tomorrow Well I just emailed them, voicing my disdain (is that a word?). Join me guys - Let’s see what the response is…