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vprt 06 Dec 2018

Price rise Just you and me, probably. I topped up today, having been encouraged by healthy revenue growth and Mr Market being more generous.

Uncle_Doug 06 Dec 2018

Price rise Back in today @177. Bargain. Anyone reading this stuff or am I just talking to myself?

jaytee41 10 Oct 2018

Nasty Gal advertising problem Typical pc uk. Said the model was too skinny ffs.

barrymid99 10 Oct 2018

Nasty Gal advertising problem Could be why the price wobble, or profit taking!!

Uncle_Doug 28 Sep 2018

Price rise Sold all mine at 233p. That’ll do me for now. Decent profit.

Uncle_Doug 27 Sep 2018

Price rise 6.3M Instagram followers - up 200% in last year. Pretty impressive figures.

barrymid99 27 Sep 2018

Price rise Look at the thread. terence.mcguire mentioned it in reply to my post

Uncle_Doug 26 Sep 2018

Price rise Once bitten , sorry twice bitten. You get the idea. I’m of the mind to sell mine before the Directors do this time around. I don’t like volatility nor do markets in general. The Directors here have lost a lot of credibility in my opinion.

jaytee41 26 Sep 2018

Price rise Oh yes, Carla in particular. Her escapades started the price crashing and eventually got me outta here

Uncle_Doug 26 Sep 2018

Price rise jaytee41: I’m surprised no one has mentioned today’s interim results. Oh I saw the results allright. Accountants can work wonders with figures. From past experience with these guys, I’m just a bit cautious … waiting to see if the Directors start selling their shares again before cracking open the champagne …

jaytee41 26 Sep 2018

Price rise I’m surprised no one has mentioned today’s interim results. Highlights Group · Revenue £395.3 million, up 50% (49% CER(6)) · Strong revenue growth across all geographies (UK: +43%; international: +62%). International now 41% of group revenue · Strong balance sheet with net cash of £155.6 million (2018: £119.2 million) with robust operating cash flow of £55.7 million (2018: £33.0 million) and free cash flow of £24.5m (+93%) · Distribution capabilities enhanced: PrettyLittleThing warehouse relocation completed; and automation of Burnley site to drive future efficiency is on schedule boohoo · Revenue £209.0 million, up 15% with market share gains in all focus markets · Gross margin 53.4%, up 110bps; retail gross margin 56.0%, up 160bps · 6.7 million active customers(7), up 15% on prior year · Market share and brand awareness increasing, supported by proposition investments · Next phase of fit-out and automation of distribution centre in Burnley on schedule for utilisation in 2019 PrettyLittleThing · Revenue £168.6 million, up 132% · Gross margin 57.3%, up 250bps; retail gross margin 59.0%, up 200bps · 4.0 million active customers, up 99% · Outstanding growth of market share and revenue in all markets · Successful relocation of distribution centre to Sheffield with significant capacity that can service the brand’s growth Nasty Gal · Revenue £17.7 million, up 111% · Gross margin 59.0%, down 480bps driven by refinements to the customer proposition · 0.6 million active customers, up 313% · Strong revenue growth in the USA and international markets Guidance Group revenue growth for the year to 28 February 2019 is expected to be 38% to 43%, up from our previous guidance of 35% to 40%, with adjusted EBITDA margin between 9% and 10%. We reiterate our medium term guidance to deliver sales growth of at least 25% per annum and EBITDA margin of 10%. Mahmud Kamani and Carol Kane, joint CEOs, commented: "Our group results for the first half year show yet another strong performance, delivering record sales and profits. All of our brands performed extremely well across all territories as we continue to gain market share. We achieved market-leading growth in all markets, with Rest of Europe and the USA being particularly pleasing. Growth in the UK, our largest market, remains very strong. We successfully executed a major relocation of the distribution centre for PrettyLittleThing, which represents a key milestone as we develop a distribution network capable of generating £3 billion of net sales globally, in line with our vision to lead the fashion eCommerce market. This relocation was carried out with a low level of disruption to the operations of PrettyLittleThing and is a credit to the project team. Our extended distribution centre in Burnley, which will have a significant element of automation to drive efficiency savings, is scheduled for operational use in 2019." Investor and Analyst Meeting A live audio webcast will be available at 9.30am via the following link: A replay will subsequently be available from 12 noon via the same link.

maerskcon1 26 Sep 2018

Price rise Good results again.

terence.mcguire 26 Sep 2018

Price rise About time if you ask me. Watch for the next off load of shares from the exec to see this tank again though.

barrymid99 26 Sep 2018

Price rise Large rise today. Any comments?

MaX_ProfOrdiS 23 Aug 2018

Price drop In principle an Amazon tax should be broadly tax neutral for Boohoo. Unlike a lot of the US corporations, Boohoo isn’t able to park its profits in offshore tax havens to avoid paying any (meaningful) corporation taxes. The US doesn’t appear to have anything equivalent to the UK’s CFC rules et al, so US corporations can happily park their profits in offshore tax havens until a (Republican) President takes office, takes pity on these poor US corporations and grants them a tax amnesty so that they can onshore their profits (and pay 10% tax rather than the normal 35%).