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Ripley94 12 Jul 2019

Hindsight BAB XXXX It was a new low on 23rd May @ 416p… gained since now around 430p

cashpharma 11 Jun 2019

One of Woody's Case Studies Ha ha spoke too soon 18% down now! Awesome. Woodford is up to his neck in it now. Next to come is Fca will undoubtedly rule he has misled investors as to nature of fund because they love to kick a man when he’s down. Lucky only 5% of my portfolio but it still hurts. Thank god for 3infrastructure for making good.

Ripley94 08 Jun 2019

Hindsight BAB… XXXXX Bottomed in December and despite Woodford having to reduce has held that on recent pull back.

cavebear 05 Jun 2019

One of Woody's Case Studies Well, well, well - aren’t I glad I got out of that trainwreck. Always difficult to sell, but need to follow your instincts - or in this case the evidence that was tsaring you in the face!

cavebear 22 May 2019

One of Woody's Case Studies Finally gave up on Woodford about six months ago as he had to sell more and more of his quoted investments to fund redemptions. Fund has been forced into a very differently shaped portfolio than when it first started out. Reinvested in another UK equity fund which has outperformed Woodford by nearly 32% in just six months!

Gamesinvestor1 22 May 2019

One of Woody's Case Studies casa - I wouldn’t entrust my money to randon events. Look through all the companies in his fund and decide if it makes sense. You can start with discounting all the unlisted companies as they are a complete lottery. Then on each stock decide for yourself if given the independent decision, would you buy the stock. Put a tick or across against each one and see how you get on. I’ve always stated that the level of unlisted companies is far to many and not consistent with marketing the product as an income fund. Games

cashpharma 22 May 2019

One of Woody's Case Studies I’m 13% down on my investment with his equity income fund which seems to be due to very poor stock selection. He also thought he had a special relationship with Capita and was bragging about his personal meetings with them. A few days later they issued a massive profit warning. He doesn’t seem to realise that a listed company cannot give him info not available to everyone else. I hang on grimly because surely something must go right for his fund at some point? By random chance if nothing else.

Gamesinvestor1 22 May 2019

One of Woody's Case Studies This was all over Woodford’s web site as a case study highlighting the relationship they had with management and the strength of the business. Not sure he gets anything right, does anybody else here? Games

Ripley94 21 Nov 2018

Hindsight BAB… XXXXX Read they denied Boatman allegations and slagged the outfit a few days back . RNS … results today… one of the biggest fallers down 8% but in falling markets .

Ripley94 26 Oct 2018

Hindsight BAB… XXXXX Five year low here there has been a short seller attack buy " Boatman Capital Research" Read article 15/10/18 in Telegraph , bit of a mystery outfit it appears . Comparisons to CLLN are being made.

Ripley94 30 Jul 2018

Hindsight BAB… XXXXX This picked up to a high by 12 June 2018 of 861p , but has now falling again to today’s 724p. Rns today in response to “incorrect” Mail on Sunday report yesterday .

cavebear 20 Jul 2018

Price drop Almost the start of a discussion which is a rare beast on ii these days…

valeite 19 Jul 2018

Price drop the market is seriously jumpy on any disappointing news (only slightly) but a bit of a pullback from being down £1 earlier to 68 p as I write . probably oversold but the most important take is that we’re not going bust .we have to wait for the sector to get some confidence back I think

cavebear 19 Jul 2018

Price drop Any views on today’s price drop following trading update?

Komatsu100 02 Jun 2018

"Shorters"? There were 1.17% of BAB shares shorted on 13/07/17. The share price then was £8.57.[link] close of play today the share price was £8.572 and on 29/05/18 there were 5.89% shorted.So my question is why haven't the "shorters" unwound their position further?They still need to buy back 29.7m shares which should drive the share price higher.Can someone please explain what's going on?