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Sageman 10:55

Re: Next weeks news... Hi Mat, I hope you are right about the dilution but the problem is as follows: Our market cap is circa £330m and the company said in 2015 that the infrastructure would cost $1.38BN which is circa £1.1BN. Now if the Russians would pony up with the money for the road or even provide interest free loans that would be a game changer. In the absence of that any one buying us knows that they need to additionally fund the infrastructure. On a commercial basis if you were putting up essentially 25% of the money for a project you would expect the person with the 75% to call the shots especially if your 25% was dead in the water without the funding. A takeover from here would typically give a 50% uplift = 9p. Dilution from here could see us short term down to 2p but long term if the mine succeeds you would expect massive returns. Top of my wish list therefore would be state funding which would give no dilution and the SP propelled massively short term. I think though that if this was going to happen we would have seen the SP move (its AIM!!). My expectation therefore is loans and dilution and I cross my fingers that short term it won't be too painful for the SP because I believe that the market has already priced this in hence the move from 15p to 6p (a 60% drop precisely the same as SXX when it went through a placing 50p down to 20p). GLA DYOR

Mat_he_has_no_cat 21 Jul 2017

Re: Next weeks news... Hey Sach, Were the previous rounds of dilution preceded by an RNS similar in nature to this one.. "appointed Medea Capital Partners as strategic adviser to assist the company in financing the development of the Kun-Manie " ?Were the previous rounds of dilution post PFS... where the company had audited operational cost bases on detain mine designs... I dont think they were...There is no getting away for the fact we're in a stronger position now than ever before... My feeling is dilution will not happen... but even if a modest 10 - 15 % were on the table I'd still hold... My understanding from discussions on this board and LSE, is that shareholder approval is required before new shared can be issues... and this is not on the agenda for the EGM... so it aint happening for a while... if it happens at all... We have been told repeatedly that we're full funded till end of this year... PFS is promised before xmas and expected months earlier... according to RY recent interview... Despite the bouncing along the 6p line... (a little up on day and little down the next)... I'm very comfortable.with my position and optimistic for the future of AMC... Maybe we should start a list of questions for next weeks meeting... (I wont be there... )

CASHLESS 21 Jul 2017

Re: Next weeks news... You are so melodramtic!!!CASHLESS

Schachmeister 21 Jul 2017

Re: Next weeks news... Yes Mat, There will be news, what news is anyone's guess? Robin has strategically released a series of rns's recently to assist the share price in readiness for another round of dilution.Unfortunately, these rns's have had absolutely no impact whatsoever on the sp,but he can't really do anymore than he's doing and they need more dollar! Maybe he will raise via a placing, rather than a Death Spiral this time but shareholders should brace themselves for the worst scenario,as that's what usually happens,proof being the 5.9p share price.

johnybigarms1 21 Jul 2017

Re: MTL.L Sorry for using AMC to mention MTL.L I'm a big fan of AMC, been in and out 2 times, currently watching only, not holdinging shares, but MTL.L has turned a very big corner, I'm in big, have been for 8 months, but honestly believe things are about to get tasty, I was a little premature investing but patience looks set to reward.

johnybigarms1 21 Jul 2017

MTL.L Get in now before it's common news, we have finally finished debugging stage, mine is now fully able to mine and sell gold, 3.6p is a joke, watch this space, multi bagger at these levels

gilyard1 21 Jul 2017

Re: General Meeting Voting Hi Solis. Thanks for all that.

Mat_he_has_no_cat 21 Jul 2017

Next weeks news... Any guesses what it might be... ?- road designs... costs... - news from the Mining Advisory Council or the St Petersburg Intentional Economic Forum recently attended... Only released news can be discussed at he EGM so there could be a flurry to get new out before the meeting...I suspect RY will save something nice so everyone is in a good mood at the EGM... good weekend all

Solis 21 Jul 2017

Re: General Meeting Voting gilyard1I would look at sansavatar's post on LSE at 17.02 on Thursday with regard to the exact letter that TDW has to write to the Registrars - Capita as it is a letter FROM CAPITA that is required to be able to attend and vote at the GM. [link] and the letter.As per previous meeting I was not allowed to vote by Capita because I had a letter of representation from TDW and not the required letter from Capita.TDW is hopeless.Good luck. I have voted via the TDW website and hope Capita will let me in to the GM but not fussed as having voted what I am going for is the Q&A afterwards.

sunny35 20 Jul 2017

Re: costs Another aspect on this, as this asset gets bigger and bigger, and who knows by the end of this season may be scoring within top 5 in the world, or maybe even no.1.Everyone knows the importance and demand for nickel reserves will do a U turn at some point, what with batteries and all.I'm sure many on here are familiar with the GKP saga, here and there I find myself thinking how rich investors would have been, had GKP discovered only a fraction of what they actually found, nuff said.

Colbaltblue 20 Jul 2017

Re: costs Alhough not often mentioned, I think a big factor is that Robin might want to end this massive personal endeavour asap as it must be a huge personal burden.He is a keyman and his well-being affects us all.

gilyard1 20 Jul 2017

Re: General Meeting Voting Received my letter of representation from TD. All seems ok to me . So I will attend vote and ask the questions. At the last meeting at Swan Lane RY must have answered questions for forty minutes or more. So let's hope for some constructive answers.

Solis 20 Jul 2017

General Meeting Voting TDW co**ed up last time, so not taken any chances on the voting this time. Although TDW have not highlighted the voting in their Voting and Information Mailbox, have spoken to them and voted my shares. Also hope that the letters they send me to be able to attend the meeting will this time be accepted by the Registrar.Any way, having voted, will then be able to joing the Q&A if blocked from the meeting because TDW have provided the incorrect paperwork (again !)Be nice to break out of this 6p range.GLA

Mat_he_has_no_cat 20 Jul 2017

Re: costs Bearing in mind the opex costs are factored into the $2.52 price quoted…The capital side could look like this…[link] the 1.4B is borrowed over 3 years, in a development phaseAt 3% interest…We start our production in year 4, when we start paying back the loan… whilst still paying interest @3%On a 20 year plan, 3 years dev. 17 year production… our loan gets paid back around year 14 and at year 20 we’re left with just over 2B in the bank…Does not include any other metals… only nickel… considers the nickel price stays put for 20 year… as do our opex cost… does not include smelting (or was building a smelter included with the 1.4B?)As Sandy says, happy to be shot down,but that seems pretty healthy to meTrouble is if we find much more stuff then 17 years production won’t be long enough to dig it all up… not at 60,000 tonnes a year at any rate…

Hallowed 20 Jul 2017

Re: FAQs updated on website Just going through the FAQ's again (as mining sure is complex) and trying to get a better feel for the bigger picture, it does seem to me now that any prospective T/O might nor yet happen this year as many hoped but certainly during next year, as they can not delay it indefinitely as someone will want to make a bid for the company at this stage of the game.So at the very least I hope this year we find out who owns a significant stake in the company as this will set the scene for the next 12 months.GLA.