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sasa43 24 May 2018

Re: No trading? Hi gwm - I think cowboy's answered that one re: a subliminal message put up by a mm to indicate stress of some sort to their peers; that's always been the rumour, anyway - sasa.

sasa43 24 May 2018

Re: No trading? Hi hengeo - just seen your post.Me, likewise, as just posted - it could be a computer glitch since I don't think it ever opened properly but it seems to be the only one on L2 which hasn't behaved normally vis a vis my extensive 'watch list'...Such things usually get sorted fairly quickly (like a backwardation ) - If it's anything else, we might get an explanation tomorrow - sasa.

cowboysteve 24 May 2018

Re: No trading? Sure - not sure how the spreadbetters hedge out their exposure on the cash market...maybe it does show up or not, not sure GWM

cowboysteve 24 May 2018

Re: No trading? tbh it's hard to trust whatever is printed on some of these markets. A nil share - I remember the 1 share nonsense some time ago. I'd like to think it means something henge, and indeed those of us who have been here forever do grasp at straws where possible. Who knows pal.

sasa43 24 May 2018

Re: No trading? I don't recall not seeing anything on L2 all day on a regularly traded stock; yes on a very illiquid / out of the way issue but AMC isn't that illiquid normally.Very curious, I must say... sasa.

hengeo007 24 May 2018

Re: No trading? Does anyone recall a nil trade day before? I have been invested in AMC for a ridiculously very long time and have NEVER seen a nil trade day before. Computer glitch perhaps or......................................

gwm121 24 May 2018

Re: No trading? Hi cowboy. I had no problem at 4pm adding a little to spreadbet.Time for one of sasas precis for the newbies, they will be wondering what the odd refernce to " £1 " means with a 6p share.

cowboysteve 24 May 2018

Re: No trading? Apologies, it's about 40k split across five or six deals on NEX. Have to admit I've never seen that disparity before vis-a-vis NEX and what I see on L2. Indeed - v odd, Sasa

sasa43 24 May 2018

Re: No trading? Yep, most odd, cowboy - anybody tried to deal but couldn't get on (apart from that one deal on Nex) I wonder? Very unusual - sasa.

cowboysteve 24 May 2018

Re: No trading? Probably just a quiet day allthere was one small trade on NEX today:[link]

samsalmon 24 May 2018

Re: No trading? Seems odd that the last couple of days has seen an increase in activity, then no trades.Almost like the share dealing has been suspended. If so should an RNS be sent out. Interesting times ahead. Sam

isphahan 24 May 2018

No trading? No trading, still showing yesterdays trades , no posters today, what's up???Are we suspended whilst negotiating the £1 offer ?

Nolosstillsell 23 May 2018

Re: Minor Gap to close at 5.3p from Monday Hi GENGI did notice the daily chart showed a gap but we had a trade at around 8am for 5.26p which I thought had closed the gap that was showing on the daily chart but now isn't.Any thoughts?

Schachmeister 23 May 2018

The Run in to PFS has Begun ! I note the volume has increased significantly over the last few days and this means one thing- P.I's have now begun buying ahead of the anticipated PFS.Naturally, the sp has barely risen on this buying because Crede will be selling into any volume but I see this higher volume as good preparation for the PFS as they should then be all but spent by the time the PFS lands- leaving the sp free to rise naturally on the good news and I expect it to be good.I anticipate the PFS to be very early June or even before because RY will know that some time will be required at higher volumes & a higher sp to meet the criteria for the 2nd installment, which, I believe, both he and Riverfort want and that's why I cannot see Riverfort selling into the spike until the criteria has, at least been met.More speculators will arrive as the PFS draws nearer.

GENG 23 May 2018

Minor Gap to close at 5.3p from Monday Hopefully it will close today and then we can move on up and close the gap at 7p.Interestingly if the 7p Gap closes then the SP will have broken the downtrend and be knocking on the door of resistance.There's some positive divergence in RSI and a rising trend with the bottom at around 4.5pLooks like quite a good bet from here - assuming our BOD don't produce an hand grenade from the hat.