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Trick 09 Aug 2018

Could our BoD be more like the EUA board? Well I know how to stay in the black.

TrickyDickyTwo 08 Aug 2018

Could our BoD be more like the EUA board? The BOD at EUA are a bunch of uselss arze wipe clowns. Thet fecked up at WK last drill season and had to sack their contractor. As a result they had to raise money at a give-away, 500m+ shares dished out at just above 0.2p. They don’t use industry standard methods of reporting, don’t know the difference between troy and imperial ounces and insist on reporting raw platinum quantities without an explanation as to what the difference is between pure LME grade platinum and raw platinum. They are pretty damned close to being the most dishonest bunch of feck wits on AIM. You state “Still, what do I know.” I better not answer that. TDT

Trick 01 Aug 2018

Could our BoD be more like the EUA board? I’m normally a very placid investor, but at the moment I can’t help but think that I’d prefer our BoD at AMC to be a lot more like the BoD at EUA. Eurasia is a similar proposition, bit more firmly grounded, and with a game-changing licence sign-off due in days from Prime Minister Medvedev’s desk. It sat in the doldrums for a long time as nothing much was changing, but their communication with PIs, their ability to deliver ahead of schedule and their lining up the ducks in a row, is way superior to the AMC BoD imho. Still, what do I know.

Global_Nomad 27 Jul 2018

What is going on? was wondering the same thing, now up 13% with little idea why

miltonboy 27 Jul 2018

What is going on? Any news I have not seen yet, since the last one on 23rd?

Ripley94 23 Jul 2018

Cynical Bear. AMC… XXXXXX Over on the SDX B Board today is a podcast were the CEO of AMC is discussing this company. Maybe someone more tec savvy then me could copy it over here.

walrog 05 Jul 2018

Any comments Thanks.

GENG 05 Jul 2018

Any comments go here - all the old favorites are there:- [link]

walrog 05 Jul 2018

Any comments On today’s update on the drilling programme ? WR

welshfroggy 03 Jul 2018

Excellent RNS This whole thing is such a tragedy. I enjoyed the old site, looked forward to the interactions and now it has been made so difficult to follow a theme with the comparisons of different ideas or interpretations alongside I am less well informed as well as much less entertained. Hamish please see sense and do something constructive if only making the type face bigger to fill the empty space. WF

Los_Olivos 03 Jul 2018

Excellent RNS The vast MAJORITY hate this revamp and have gone to pastures new and I do not blame. My 5 year old Granddaughter could have done a better job. I was in the computer industry and dealt with programmers etc and they were all the same, living in their tech little world and their way was always best. The customers have voted with their feet !! Los Olivos

welshfroggy 02 Jul 2018

Excellent RNS Where have all the posters gone? I always enjoyed the debate and argument between various factions. Where have all the posters gone?

sharpeyes 01 Jul 2018

Excellent RNS LSE website.

Skint_Taff 28 Jun 2018

Excellent RNS Wonderful RNS but where are the posters discussing it !!! There would usually be loads of chat and banter. Well done II or III or whoever you are now you have totally ruined a great community.

walrog 28 Jun 2018

Excellent RNS I agree dkok, there will be some interesting announcements to come,