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Ripley94 08 Jun 2019

Fund Managers dealings ALM… XXXX New low 47p 12th march 2019 … good gain after to 80p by 22nd May. Wood ford having to raise funds has reduced from 28 % to 23 %. Up Friday 8th June to 76p

Ripley94 01 Dec 2018

Fund Managers dealings ALM… XXXX Good job i stayed out ( Death Cross march 17 ) it kept dropping to 59p by October 2018 . Top gainer yesterday up 56% to 65p .

gamesinvestor 23 Jan 2018

Director Sale 22-Jan-18 Allied Minds ALM Turner,Michael 111,394 @ 1.58p £176,402.19General CounselGames

Ripley94 27 Oct 2017

Re: Fund Managers dealings Had a quick look at chart was around 425p.... 20 Nov 2015.. good job i didn't buy it. Maybe a death cross 20 March 17 ?..... it dropped to 118p !!... ( not a chart man lol )See its recovered somewhat now 166p

Ripley94 27 Oct 2017

Re: Fund Managers dealings Nearly two years since i looked in here . Never see a post that's not derogatory about Woodford.

LK Hyman 23 Aug 2017

Suspicious minds! Games,I wonder if Woody ever reflects on the wise words of the King ... Elvis ..."We're caught in a trap ... I can't walk out ... Because I love you too much, baby"[link] on the flybridge just a thought

LK Hyman 23 Aug 2017

Re: All lies mind !! Games,"beginning to sound like a stuck record!!"Talking of stuck records, m8, I wonder how Woodentop reconciles having Provident Financial in his equity income fund when it has cancelled its interim divi and given the clearest possible signal that its shareholders can whistle Dixie for the final divi too?Feet of clay, m8, feet of clay![link] on the flybridge

gamesinvestor 17 Aug 2017

All lies mind !! Well isn't this statement inspiring from the new CEO :-""Ms Smith said that she is looking to "drive shareholder value by realising liquidity events that deliver attractive returns for our investors and stakeholders". ""[link] has blown it on this one, just like he did with Circassia, North West Biotherapeutics, Benchmark, and he'll probably do the same with Therevance.Still a scatter gun approach to investing is more aligned to a venture cap company, not an equity income fund, as I've said a few times now I guess.Games -- beginning to sound like a stuck record!!

lars25 17 Aug 2017

Pie in the sky? Is it correct that current assets per share are around 56p? If so why are they trading at 160p?I realise that they have four major assets but one analyst is saying a big write down of its largest holding is coming.They may get a return on one of these investments in the future but it all seems a bit rich doesn't it?

gamesinvestor 24 Jun 2017

Re: Magnolia "You've lost me, m8"LK -- It's a deep technical solution granted but not such an issue to get your head around.Basically, and I can't vouch for the other biotech start ups in Allied Minds portfolio, Federated Wireless looked the most promising.What they are trying to do is provide a software solution to help solve the problem that when we all move to 5G for your mobile wireless this will be superfast and allow high capacity of data for all your beam me up scotty AI applications and your video or what have you.This will be the death of BT, but at the same time, the airwaves for all that data flying around will get ever so congested.Magnolia is an illustration of a company that's also been trying to solve a similar problem, that of managing this congestion, and has all the patents around the active antenna that does this as one approach. They have been doing it for 17 years and it's still not made it to a public flotation.If you look at the opening paragraph on Magnolia's web site, it's the same as that for Federated Wireless.So how long might Woody wait for Federated to pay for all Allied Minds largesse eh?As I said a few times, the vast majority of Woody's unquoted companies won't amount to much more than a cup of the warm stuff. It's raw VENTURE CAPITAL.Some need to make it big to compensate for all the failures.I still maintain that this type of investment should not be sold in a wrapper that decribes itself as Equity Income.It's a crxp shoot -- he has now 134 holdings.Games

LK Hyman 19 Jun 2017

Re: Magnolia Games,You've lost me, m8. I don't understand a word of what this mob does. Consequently I shall not be investing in it even if ... and possibly particularly if ... Woodentop buys it with his own money and offers me shares in Magnolia at a 30% discount to his cost.LKH on the flybridge arts man I don't even understand VOD properl

gamesinvestor 19 Jun 2017

Magnolia This company has been in existence since 2000 and has a lot of patents and technologies in a similar space to Federated. You can see that after 17 years this is still a private company.[link] is a summary :-""""It is estimated that by 2018 the demand for wireless bandwidth is expected to be 50 times the bandwidth required today. Wireless network operators are continuously challenged to provide access to multimedia services including voice, e-mail and HD video seamlessly on any device, at anytime and anywhere to meet consumer's insatiable demand.Magnolia Broadband, Inc. founded in 2000 by serial entrepreneur and renowned wireless innovator Haim Harel, and led by wireless veteran CEO Osmo Hautanen, is the pioneering technology developer of “Beam Forming” RF solutions, with over 100 patents granted or pending. Magnolia Broadband was the driving force leading industry standardization efforts for Up-Link Mobile Transmit Diversity (“MTD”, which was approved and adopted by the 3GPP governing authority. This technology offers wireless network operators double the capacity and scalability to address significant growth in mobile data usage, enabling new revenue opportunities and delivering innovative services - faster and more reliably without any changes to network system architecture. Subsequently, Magnolia Broadband’s technology portfolio of over 50 patents was acquired by GOOGLE in 2012. With engineering teams located in New Jersey, Silicon Valley and Israel, Magnolia Broadband has the world’s leading RF technologists developing next generation solutions addressing wireless market needs. Magnolia Broadband’s latest technological innovation-- a software solution called Adaptive Antenna System (“AAS” focuses on both the uplink and downlink transmission, dramatically improving the quality & performance of smartphones, tablet and laptop computers by doubling the data speeds, increasing battery life by 15% to 20% while improving the overall connectivity to the wireless carrier networks including 4G/LTE, 3G and carrier grade Wi-Fi and Small Cells.Magnolia Broadband RF solutions combine innovative Software, Signal Processing technologies and novel Integrated Circuit solutions for the wireless industry. The combination of these innovations enables the wireless network operators to push out the Adaptive and Diversity Antenna capabilities to the edge of their cellular and Wi-Fi networks, while enabling the device manufacturers to offer these benefits economically. """Games

gamesinvestor 19 Jun 2017

Re: NEW ARTICLE: The case for investing in W... This article is disappointing in that it doesn't matter what your reputation is if you don't select companies with any fundamental value.Allied Minds has yet to produce a commercially successful company from within it's fold, and 7 of the companies have recently been effectively discounted. That in itself is fine if the belief lies in the remainder, but it's difficult to see any clear business from any of them.One of the most promising technology, IMHO, is Federated Wireless and they seem to almost admit that they are a very long way to even proving full functionality of the spectrum approach, let alone commercialising it.I'm in discussion with a group connected with 5G development at the moment and waiting for some feedback. However, during initial discussions it seems that this kind of approach has been tried before and found it very difficult to commercialise it with the big companies who ultimately would pay for this - they all seem to grind things out and make it very difficlt for the commercial model to get off the ground, often waiting until the company is about to go bust and then picking up the technology on the cheap.That's Venture Cap for you -- it's very hard to get a return, especially in tech, where a very low % make it to the real business phase.Games

II Editor 16 Jun 2017

NEW ARTICLE: The case for investing in Woodford Patient Capital "Whichever way you look at it, the case for investing in LSE:WPCT:Woodford Patient Capital is all about reputation.Brand powerBrand names and logos originally served to identify products, but over time brands have come to encompass our perception ..."[link]

gamesinvestor 13 Jun 2017

Re: NEW ARTICLE: Insider: Directors pile... Chillibana- I am of the same opinion that it should not fit any trading standards to put such an investment in anything named an income fund.Disregarding that, there is one company in the Allied Minds fold that is interesting, very interesting.It's Federated Wireless and they have developed a shared spectrum software technology that will alleviate bandwidth congestion on LTE and beyond on the wireless radio bands.All sounds very techy doesn't it -- and yes it is.In essence the wireless spctrum is quite limited and is being constantly filled by the service providers and faster as new technologies require more data and air wave bandwidth to service their customers.This is the problem :-""In today’s wireless-reliant world, spectrum is finite and quickly running out. It's predicted that the number of devices connected to mobile networks worldwide will grow tenfold by 2020, from 5 billion to 50 billion, further straining spectrum and presenting greater issues. The economy needs better allocation and a solution that will facilitate multiple operators coexisting and leveraging spectrum.""That's a massive issue that Federated claims to have a fully tested solution and is on the verge of deployment.Does it (will it) make any money? -- I dunno m8, but if everyone bought into this technology, they may well do, depending on the volume.I have a could of friends who are deep into wireless spectrum analysis and IC design for this market - the question is out with them.I'll report back.Games