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old_punter 12 Mar 2018

Re: 2017 results Veksi,You are probably right although watching the Q&A after the results presentation I got the impression the third loss making division's results may well look worse before they get better offsetting the other two which have been doing well. It seems a business where there is not much forward visibility re orders, I would be a buyer 650-700p if they slip back, but at 716p they may not.

veksi 06 Mar 2018

Re: 2017 results Agreed. I took a small punt on these at just below 690p.Can add if need be. I thought the bounce from below 640p implied a bottom.It was bought up so quick it’s likely to hold above that, assuming this new guidance holds.

old_punter 06 Mar 2018

2017 results Results in line with expectations said the headline which translated means they were not hence the drop to 640p initially. If you take the adjusted eps of 54p the p/e is 12.6 and on the maintained divi the yield is 4%. Modest for a quality overseas earner with decent growth prospects you would think, but they say 2018 might be similar and on current £ profits would be 8% lower. A lot of moving parts in the results so not easy to assess. Price currently 681p, methinks this price and rating could be somewhere near the bottom and the shares in a buying range.

II Editor 25 Jan 2018

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dwell 14 Dec 2017

Re: takeover by ABB nailed on this year Interesting premise, which may strengthen the management team - I bought into this business in 2012 as I thought it was a model I understood and on the back of their involvement with the Olympic park. Unfortunately circumstances prevented me selling out at the post Olympic peak and ever since they have drifted - every possible reason for growth, Energy Prices/Capacity Shortage etc. seems in place - and the price drops....

one4all 13 Dec 2017

next year obviously ..

one4all 13 Dec 2017

takeover by ABB nailed on this year you read it here first

PETE DTS 22 Nov 2017

Re: Is Aggreko another Kodak? My impression was one of AGK being able to package generation and adapt to current demands and utilise different energy sources according to customer requirements. This will be crucial to avoid a deadend business. Portable energy has its niche and I doubt that will change. I would love to see a hook up with ITM for instance.

II Editor 21 Nov 2017

NEW ARTICLE: Tuesday's biggest risers and fallers "With a flurry of price-moving announcements, Tuesday's rush of trading updates probably should have come with an investor health warning. It's one of those days where it is hard to know where to look first, with a number of statements followed ..."[link]

oldjoe1 03 Nov 2017

AGK On Verge Of Significant Breakout...... AGK Aggreko, on verge of med term breakout Forward EPS to 2018 14.3% P/E 14.3 CHEAP. Benefiting now from Hurricanes in US clear up. . Chart very strong.[link]

Seeking money 08 Sep 2017

Re: Is Aggreko another Kodak? Hardboy,At present the portable generators run off petrol or diesel, the batteries are their replacement.BRSM

Bronko 07 Sep 2017

Re: Is Aggreko another Kodak? They made a small start to diversify back in July, details here: [link]

Hardboy 07 Sep 2017

Re: Is Aggreko another Kodak? So if we have a situation like we are likely to get on some Caribbean Islands after the Hurricane where there are no functioning power stations but there is a need for power, how are the temporary power sources from batteries going to help? In situations like Olympics, or World Cup or even travelling fairs maybe you're right; but is there any suggestion that Aggreko are not up with technology?

Seeking money 07 Sep 2017

Is Aggreko another Kodak? This is a long term view. Kodak, who had as their business cornerstone, film. They produced it and made cameras to use it in, whilst ignoring the digital image revolution that happened very quickly. The result was a failed business. So how does this affect Aggreko.Aggreko provide short term electricity provision, via carbon based fuel equipment. Now, if the move away from carbon fuels increases in pace, Aggreko´s equipment becomes obsolete or costly to operate. So where does that leave Aggreko?In need of battery technology, which is the equivalent of the photography digital age. Pre load them, batteries, from wind/hydro/Tec generated electricity and you help safeguard your business. So are Aggreko doing this, I don't know as I have not looked into this too far yet, but there is time yet. SM

Hardboy 07 Sep 2017

Irma With the most severe storm for years hitting Caribbean Islands, and likely to do some serious damage to Florida, and maybe other areas of the US, the need for temporary power could be significant. Is this a good time to buy?