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cashpharma 12 Jun 2019

Great performance I agree. I was worried I was overpaying when I invested but it has done spectacularly well due to excellent management.

davidnmog 09 Jun 2019

Great performance Continued great performance from this investment, predicted world wide increase in and need for infrastructure, to support the ever growing population, should ensure long term out performance. Much happier investing in the financing of infrastructure than those who actually do the work, which appears to be a mugs game (Carillion, Interserve, Kier). Have also invested in First State Global Listed infrastructure.

devonplay 08 Nov 2018

3i Infrastructure PLC - 3IN Half-year Report Released 070 08-Nov-2018 Richard Laing, Chairman of 3i Infrastructure plc (the ‘Company’)“I am delighted with our performance in the first half of the financial year. The Company continues to outperform its objectives and is on track to deliver the full year dividend target for FY19, up 10% from last year. We remain confident in our business model and strategy.” [link] DL

Proverbs 26 vs 5 11 May 2018

Results tops expectations 3i Infrastructure raised its full-year target dividend by 10% after it reported a 28.6% return for the year ended March 31, which was well ahead of its targeted return. 3i Infrastructure increased its target dividend for 2019 by 10% to 8.65p per share. The firm generated a total return for the year of £479.6m, representing a 28.6% return on opening net asset value, up from £146.3 the previous year, driven strong returns from the sales of AWG and Elenia. This performance was ahead of the target return of 8% to 10% per annum over the medium term, the firm said. The portfolio generated income of £100m for the year, up 17% on last year, while non-income cash was £56.4m in the period, up £18.2m on last year. 'The company had an outstanding year. The realisations of our holdings in Elenia and Anglian Water Group generated exceptional value for shareholders,' said Richard Laing, Chairman of 3i Infrastructure. At 80am: (LON:3IN) 3i Infrastructure Ltd share price was +0.2p at 224.2p Story provided by StockMarketWire.com

Kantos 06 Apr 2018

Re: Special div paid against 19 or 15 sh... stout-hart,Many thanks and apologies for my late acknowledgement of your comments. The dividend amount that I eventually received was in line with the original shareholding - as you suggested. Many thanks again. My perception of the performance of 3IN is similar to yours. 3IN has performed remarkably well in comparison with standard infrastructure Investment Trusts in the current interest rate environment. Kantos line with your suggestion - many thanks.

stout-hart 28 Mar 2018

Re: Special div paid against 19 or 15 shares... KantosAs I read it - the special divi is paid against the original shareholding, so if you had 10,000 shares pre-split you'll get £4140 as a payout.Not too shabby, especially as the SP has been so strong since - up 16p on the split price.As I've said before on this BB - this is a 'get rich slow' share. I've held it since launch and have topped up frequently. It hasn't disappointed. The diluted number of shares in issue means that even after the special, the yield is back to being above 4% with an expectation of rising dividends for at least the next few years. In these uncertain and volatile times, 3IN is a comfort ! IMO of course DYOR etc.SH

Kantos 28 Mar 2018

Special div paid against 19 or 15 shares? Anyone know whether the 41.4p per share special div will be paid against each of the 19 pre-consolidation or the 15 post-consolidation shares? Ex div and share consolidation appear to be more or less simultaneous on 15 March. I have a reasonably large holding so it makes quite a difference!Kantos

II Editor 16 Mar 2018

NEW ARTICLE: Bargain Hunter: Where to find inflation-linked income on a discount "Finding sustainable income at a sensible price is becoming increasingly difficult for investors as the nine-year bull market rumbles on.Pockets of potential value remain, most notably among UK domestic stocks, which have caught the attention of ..."[link]

richard599 15 Mar 2018

Re: SP ... enlightened ...

richard599 15 Mar 2018

Re: SP In absolute terms it's remained arount £2 for a while, so a slight rise today!However, what has happened is that there is a special divi of 41p (paid in a week or so) and a 19->15 share consolidation. The sp drop reported by ii is based on the adjusted price for share consolidation (and doesn't take account of the divi). In theory, you are no worse or better off.Your broker should have enlightended you.R.

riverside red 15 Mar 2018

Re: SP Share consolidation 15/19.

Hawk Eye32 15 Mar 2018

SP Any idea why the sp fell so much today?

Railwayman65 26 Feb 2018

Re: Big Dividend on the Horizon The special div is a lot less than the NAV of the two sales. Presumably the balance remains as part of the 3i NAV. But I can find no information on the sale price - hopefully more than the NAV on the books!

gamesinvestor 24 Feb 2018

Re: Big Dividend on the Horizon Just returning to look at 3in and HICL after being out of these for a while and just read the latest article in Moneyweek on the risks posed with infrastructure funds."combined with a 19->15 share consolidation a week or two earlier to keep the share price the same."I guess this makes this not a big dividend but a capital return which is giving back shareholders their own money, so no real gain here.It's interesting though that 3in is the least exposed to UK PFI and public partnership programs amongst the main infrastructure funds including HICL and JLIF.The recommendation in the cover story in this weeks edition indicates that 3IN is the least exposed to political risk and especially so now that it has sold Anglian Water. Only 7% of 3IN's funds are exposed to UK PFI and it has less than 1% exposure to Carillion.The overall sentiment toward these funds has still dragged them down below Net Asset Value with HICL trading at a near 2% discount to estimated NAV and 3IN at a 1% discount.Going forward, all these funds are going to have to look elsewhere though, because the UKPFI activity is grinding to a halt because of the recent report of the "bad deal" they offer the tax payer (whether this is right or wrong - that is now the perception amongst politicians and the public).This is not going to be easy, and possibly exposes them to more risk if the cosy relationship with PFI is no longer a realistic option.Mind you I'd be worried about HICL, as it has 14% exposure to Carillion, and still has 74% of it's funds tied up in UK PFI.There must be a real question mark over the value of these assets given that a Labour government is threatening to introduce new legislation that would effectively break the existing funding contracts and therefore compensation for investors, given a public snatch, would be poor indeed.If faced with even a set of court cases started by Jeremy and John (the two Marxists) the price of infrastructure shares would probably all fall and fall pretty hard due to sentiment.A lot depends on if you believe Labour will be returned to power. I'm loathe to say they are, but I believe they might even win a landslide at the next election.Let's face it, Teresa May has almost handed it on a plate to Jeremy due to her incompetence and devious approach to thwarting Brexit -- many will never forgive her for this mess, assuming of course she is not removed in the meantime.One thing that concerns me about all of these funds going forward, is the fact that their ROCE is realistically very low and they have to keep tapping investors for new money.Warren Buffet's sidekick indicated that if the return on capital is X, over time you can expect a long term return of X, almost no matter what level you enter the shares at.Infrastructure offers low single digit ROCE at best.Games

WarrenGemini 23 Feb 2018

Re: Big Dividend on the Horizon Already declared a few days ago:"The Company will return £425 million to shareholders by way of a special dividend of 41.4 pence per Existing Ordinary Share to be paid on 29 March 2018"combined with a 19->15 share consolidation a week or two earlier to keep the share price the same.Regards, WarrenGemini