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Ripley94 09:31

Re: Re: I did not realize Woodford was in this one.Topped up @ 122p... Dropped my limit from yesterdays 123p

Thedarkkn1ght 00:04

RSI 11/OVERSOLD Buyers have to return at some point!P/E 9Yielding almost 7.5%This company makes almost half a billion pounds of profit every year!

gamesinvestor 14 Dec 2017

Woody must be as sick as a.... Parrot - given he's been reamed on this as well as Capita again today. It seems there are few stock that he picks out of the 129 in his fund that have performed.46 or so of the 129 are unquoted, so heaven knows if they are worth anything at all.Of the high profile failures he has :-Babcock; Rolls; Centrica; Provident Financial; North West Biotherapeutics; Circassia; Next; Drax; Prothena(well it's looking like it might be) .....He's done ok on Abbie Vie; Burford Capital and PurpleBricks (but for how long?)Saga and the AA have equally pummelled his portfolioWell at least I only bought Saga at 130 and I'm beginning to wonder if I'm as big a chump mesen -- but a lower entry price chump at least.Games

Grill Bimsie 14 Dec 2017

Re: Re: For Ripley94:See under the "News" tab - the Trading Update 06/12. Not good.Don't expect a quick recovery any time soon. Management now on probation as far as I'm concerned.Cheers,

Grill Bimsie 14 Dec 2017

For Ripley94 See under News tab, Trading Update 06/12.Cheers,

Ripley94 14 Dec 2017

Re: Do not appear to have posted much on this bb.Hold in ( D ) 11/06/14. ( A day after posting ** ( must of been real busy lol )( W ) 3/06/14 to 25/06/15 .Can someone please explain the big recent fall of a couple of weeks ago.Thanks R

FRTEB 12 Dec 2017

Re: Possibly the best buy signal you might g... " Goldman predicted $200 oil per barrel for 3 years ago and then after issuing a broker note started selling oil futures. " There have been other cases of this happening. A while ago I posted details (on iii I think?) of another (documented) example that had come to light. Tip of the iceberg I suspect - mostly we won't get to hear about it. We're just retail/private investors. What does it matter if we get screwed by the big boys? Trust no one (least of all, brokers*).* Although Numis called 480 then 400 for ISAT and I had 406 as my target (not there yet but it's looking distinctly possible) so maybe they're not all bad (all of the time?)What was it Buffett said - be greedy when others are fearful, etc. And Rothschild - buy when there is blood on the streets. Makes sense to me.

gamesinvestor 12 Dec 2017

Possibly the best buy signal you might get!! """On the downside, over-50s specialist Saga was under the cosh after Goldman Sachs downgraded the stock to 'neutral' saying the fall in its profit guidance is primarily the result of structural rather than cyclical factors and therefore the company is likely to face ongoing challenges."""These guys invariably get everything completely wrong -- or deliberately so in order to massively profit from it.Goldman predicted $200 oil per barrel for 3 years ago and then after issuing a broker note started selling oil futures.All is not as it seemsGames

Thedarkkn1ght 12 Dec 2017

P/E 9; Dividend 7%; OVERSOLD; SP all time low To Jan 2017Revenue £871MGross Profit £449MEPS 14.1pProjected dividend ~ 9.1p yielding 7.2%Loyal customer baseBID TARGET.

sasa43 08 Dec 2017

Re: Sasa43/ My review/rejection fwiw. Helpful assessment there, paddington, thanks.That a competent CEO / stronger management team requirement here, is a 'given', I have to agree. They're out of their depth on the insurance side and I don't see this significant division getting out of the 'mire' for some time, if ever, unless a new broom is brought in. Better be sold?Whether their unrivalled list of 'silver surfers' is sufficient to be relied upon these days is also open to question - being one of them, I'd say our growing awareness of being a 'soft touch' for too long is beginning to gain recognition with a growing awareness of 'tech' by us, these days...My inclination earlier to 'take a view' shortly was based upon exploiting an oversold condition right now which it's increasingly looking like. A recovery punt was all that I had in mind at some point; I don't normally bother with trading but this looked an unusual opportunity if, as I expect, the sp comes back a bit more (post the 'window dressing' pressure I alluded to).A pukka medium / long term investment? No, not for me; I prefer more soundly based situations with less attrition risk attached. It might be bid for (client list, mainly) but that's not sufficient reason to qualify for anything more than the punting angle in my book - sasa.

II Editor 08 Dec 2017

NEW ARTICLE: Stockwatch: Should fresh money move into Saga? "Is the plunge in mid-cap share LSE:SAGA:Saga overdone or a moment of truth how its 2014 flotation claims were hype? Does the chief executive's buying £99,500 worth at 138.2p reflect value or an attempt to shore up confidence?Down initially 25% ..."[link]

paddington_bear 08 Dec 2017

Sasa43/ My review/rejection fwiw. This has many similarities with the AA, which I also declined after recent plummet. Here also there is massive debt at many times pretax profit, plus it seems the two new ships are not fully funded as an obscure note states debt ratio again will rise when they are delivered.The assets of roughly £2698m include £1538m of intangibles. I couldn’t' calculate present gross debt but nett is around £500m after rescheduling the pile this annum.Despite the hoopla of one stop shopping for the over 50s, this is basically another insurance share on a high rating, with a poor current year due to virtually flat motor premiums. Post Ogden, Esure, Hastings etc surged by over fifth as prices rose sharply, these guys shrank. Home and travel insurance, no one made much on those this year.The management team seem to have achieved little outside reorganising the insurance between underwriting it, reinsurance chunks and the safer no risk braking of the captive audience business, certainly the brand is not seriously being pushed nor new clients recruited.There is potential, there was during the last three years as well. Apart from cruises, the holiday section is hugely deficient in scope and numbers - the grey pound wants more and varied destinations than the existing tired venues. Monarch disaster was overcome by other operators rebooking clients on other airlines/offering alternate holidays...........not really a valid excuse.There are a few “Possibilities” but little traction in non Insurance areas I fear. Chairman retiring, but perhaps a new CEO may be needed to galvanise this.PB dyor.

sasa43 07 Dec 2017

Am also thinking of 'taking a view' here... Given the steep fall of late which does seem excessive but we may not have seen the bottom just yet.What many peeps tend to forget is this time of year. All fund managers review their hldgs as the year draws to close in December; kicking out the duffers / replacing them with the successes to put the best gloss on their y/e performance figs - it's called 'window dressing'...Saga must be in the former category with, possibly, some chunky selling yet to be seen, so the sp could weaken a good bit more, albeit temporarily, as the process is worked through.Ergo, there may well be a better time to buy in the next week or two than currently; just a thought - sasa.

Alan Tittymarsh 07 Dec 2017

CEO digs into his pocket CEO Lance Batchelor spent £99,500 on SAGA shares yesterday, the first major buy by a director in over 2 years. Not sure whether this is just a PI calming exercise rather than any genuine conviction on his part. But it's no small sum. Just like to see 1 or 2 more directors doing similar.Brokers tips. - 06/12. RBC Capital Markets tips SAGA as outperform - target 250p 07/12 - JP Morgan Cazenove downgrades from 215p to 190p.Even the negative JPMC target is way above the current sp? Quite extraordinary!

one4all 06 Dec 2017

sitting not sigging...doh.. ..