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the old trout 08 Nov 2017

Fresho Getting to really like this company after today's announcement. Fresho reminds me of my best performing unlisted investment under the EIS scheme. Invested there at a £1 and they got the last (pre IPO) fundraising away at over £28 a share. Hopefully Fresho are on a similar trajectory unlike many of the failed Aim listed shares which have had to raise money at lower and lower prices.To quote "This investment is a demonstration of the Primorus business model where early-stage investing is rewarded with increasing valuation waypoints on the path to a liquidity event via either IPO or trade sale." They have a wide portfolio of investments and they only need a few of them to succeed to acheive a market cap which is many multiples of today's valuation imho.T

the old trout 30 Oct 2017

Bought in Those repeat Director buys do the talking. Follow the money......

camperdown 19 Oct 2017

sold out sp is too controlled, and investment value taken away.pity prim is not allowed to flow inho.gla

ybhere 19 Sep 2017

Steam TV Networks Inc Looking like a good investment. Worth a look at the Stream Tv Networks Inc website.Take a look at the Press releases to see who they are operating with.YB

Marches Dave 13 Sep 2017

Chartist view [link]

camperdown 08 Sep 2017

buys not shown yet again

Old Ma Coni 23 Aug 2017

Farina into Polemos ? >>>n/m .

ybhere 23 Aug 2017

Todays RNS Primorus Investments plc("Primorus" or the "Company"New InvestmentsPrimorus Investments plc (AIM: PRIM, NEX: PRIM) announces that it has made three new investments, as detailed below:TruSpine Technologies LimitedPrimorus has invested, by way of subscription, £500,000 in TruSpine Technologies Limited ("TruSpine" on a pre-new money valuation of £15m. Founded in December 2014, TruSpine secured intellectual property and subsequently developed the Faci‐LOK and Cervi‐FAS minimally invasive spine stabilisation devices, and the VOSC Catheter atherosclerosis treatment product 'VOSC Catheter'. This development is on‐going and TruSpine is targeting FDA clearance and commercialisation of its first product, the Faci‐LOK. FDA submission is expected by the end of Q4 2017. An AIM IPO is planned to take place following FDA approval, which is expected to be received in H1 2018. In the year ended 31 March 2016, TruSpine incurred a loss of £45,325.Sport:80 plcPrimorus has invested, by way of subscription, £100,000 in Sport:80 plc ("Sport:80" on a pre-new money valuation of £10m as part of a fundraising of up to £1m. Sport:80 is a technology and management company with a proprietary cloud-based platform focused on transforming the business operations and management of sports organisations. The Sport:80 platform is used by 20 prominent sports organisations. Sport:80 is revenue-generating with four-fold revenue growth per annum since 2014. In the 12 months to 31 December 2016 it had total turnover of approximately £458,000 and made a loss before tax of approximately £269,000. An AIM IPO is planned for 2018.Farina Investments (UK) LimitedPrimorus has invested, by way of subscription, £100,000 in Farina Investments (UK) Limited ("Farina" on a pre-new money valuation of £4m. Farina is a boutique corporate finance and asset management company which specialises in leveraging profit opportunity in the post-crisis financial landscape. Farina has been carefully structured and strategically placed to fully capitalise on these opportunities, thereby optimising capital growth, profitability and returns for both the company and investors. Farina is currently exploring various UK listing opportunities either via IPO or reverse takeover. In the year ended 31 July 2016, turnover was £1.9 million, net profit was £116,000 and assets under management were £1.8 million. Farina is not authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority.Following the investments noted above, the Company will have available cash resources of approximately £1.35 million. Alastair Clayton, Executive Director commented: "We are very pleased to be able to participate in these respective pre-IPO opportunities. Over the past months we have invested significant time in getting to know management, understand the core businesses, valuations and pathways to market. "Pre-IPO is at the heart of our investment strategy and we look forward to being able to demonstrate real value accretion for our shareholders as we begin to exit existing investments via trade sales and IPOs or other mechanisms to crystallise tangible value. "The Board fundamentally believes the pre-IPO sector is both underserved and has the potential to offer significant returns over time to disciplined, risk-weighted investors."We look forward to updating shareholders on the progress of TruSpine, Sport:80 and Farina as well as in the near term providing an update on our existing portfolio such as stakes in Fresho, GMOW and our significant, high profile holding in HHDL once we are made aware of the precise dates of the upcoming proposed flow test programme by the Board of HHDL."YB

camperdown 07 Aug 2017

buys not shown bought 1mil this morning at 0.26,nothing shown up.i suppose they will have their reasons,not that we will ever get to know or understand.gla

camperdown 02 Aug 2017

fund raising just for the good of it.

Gorbyf234 31 Jul 2017

very quiet here today ! any news?

Ripley94 26 Jul 2017

Re: Placing 25th Feb 2016 Nonsense price guide on ( D ) showing this massively down today @ 0.145, it actually up again .

Ripley94 20 Jul 2017

Re: Placing 25th Feb 2016 Made a mistake with dismal point ( S; i ) placing a slice which lifted @ 0.35 .Annoyed with myself but has worked to my advantage as it heads towards 0.40 p

ybhere 20 Jul 2017

Yesterday's RNS The Company states it can see no reason for the rise in SP. Well. If it's not the herd mentality it could be that like me, I like the investments of Primorus, as I mentioned yesterday, Although the Fresho investment is only 3.5%, they've certainly found a niche in the food supply market with great potential. Globally. The 10% in the Gatwick Gusher and the exploration for Welsh Gold could be the jam on the cake.Looks as if somethings occurring, if not the 10% Horse Hill investment, the possibility of gold in them thar hills, 49% holding in Gold Mines of Wales or the 3.5% investment in Fresho advancing it's program of expansion after reporting an annualised platform volume growth has risen 5-fold to circa A$100million.. I'm in and holding.YB

Ripley94 19 Jul 2017

Re: Placing 25th Feb 2016 35% rise today , ill have to revisit my buys see if i can learn something.