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Boyobach 14 Sep 2017

Re: Asfari PSP As I understand it Petrofac's PSP comes under the Remuneration Committee and awards were made subject to shareholder approval at May's AGM (as per RNS) . So it would not be correct to say he made the award to himself or to conclude that it necessarily indicates his future plans.

Div Hunter 14 Sep 2017

Re: Disappointing Day RNS, so Asfari's just awarded himself over £1.25M in shares if he's still around in 3 years time, sounds like he's planning on sticking around to me.

shugg1e 07 Sep 2017

Re: Ex divi Date - Sept 21st 2017 yep poly metal went ex div today with the initial 14p drop which was the to be paid divits now up on the day and ex div now so it does pay off sometimes

Broker Bob 07 Sep 2017

Re: Ex divi Date - Sept 21st 2017 Rock, agree with you for the short term, but believe Hub is right for the longer (3 to 6 months) term

Hub 07 Sep 2017

Re: Ex divi Date - Sept 21st 2017 I think with the share price in such a state the theory is that the 9p+ divi will be dished out and the share price will simply recover the 9p drop on the day if that happens at all?The price is moving around in a range of about 80p+.Hence, bank the divi and just wait for price to bounce back. Net result... more profits. Doesn't always play out like that but another contract win RNS could see this testing 500p. At that point, the divi yields less for new entrants - perhaps the CEO's plan... bolster the sp pre divi?HUB

Rock on warringah 07 Sep 2017

Re: Ex divi Date - Sept 21st 2017 HUBI can see argument to get in ahead of divi if you take the view more shorts will close ahead of it.To buy to get the divi alone however is nonsensical as tax effected divi vs Theoretical ex div price would result in you actually losing money.Unless I'm missing something ?RoW

Hub 07 Sep 2017

Ex divi Date - Sept 21st 2017 Just a reminder that there's just 2 weeks left to get in if you want the divi of circa 9p+Shorters have to pay the Divi so I wonder if a few will close off some weights to reduce the capital outlay?HUB

Hub 07 Sep 2017

Re: PETROFAC AWARDED $700m CONTRACT ON S... I wonder if AKO Capital LLP are continuing with the closure of their short position.Normally when one shorter closes out another one takes over adding the weights required to keep price in check.Come on Asfari ... drop another contract win RNS in tomorrow and that will really start to sting a few of these 0.5%+ short positionsHUB

II Editor 06 Sep 2017

NEW ARTICLE: Trends and Targets for 7/09/2017 " PETROFAC LTD (LSEFC) Why is X-Factor not shown once every four years? Everyone acknowledges 'Reality' shows are basically garbage, designed to fill these empty spaces between TV advertising. Thus, it was with considerable horror we ..."[link]

Hub 06 Sep 2017

Re: PETROFAC AWARDED $700m CONTRACT ON S... AKO Capital LLP for AKO Master Fund Limited short position reduced on Sept 4th from 0.78% down to 0.59%.Timely? Quick, someone telephone the Italians and let them know... news out the next day ... price up 8%+ and they close a wedge off the day before. Tut tut.HUB

Hub 06 Sep 2017

Encouraging Day Positive news from PFC, providing further evidence of future success.CEO did promise a significantly stronger H2 performance both in revenue and in new business terms.Seems like a man that is true to his word.I can think of quite a few senior politicians (some holding the highest position in the country) who made many promises to the British people only then to let them down or do an embarrassing u-turn.PFC CEO delivering the goods thus far. Long may it continue.HUB

veksi 06 Sep 2017

Re: PETROFAC AWARDED $700m CONTRACT ON S... I'll be glad when it's over £5. My breakeven is at 460p.

Hub 06 Sep 2017

Re: PETROFAC AWARDED $700m CONTRACT ON S... The trouble for the shorters is that they are using more and more weights to keep price in check.I get the feeling that there's more chance they'll see a new contract win RNS than an SFO RNS in 2017 so assuming all goes to plan, they will have quite a bit of 'weight' to add over the next few weeks or of course... they could just close out some shorts and concede defeat.That said, after the shorts added at 480p range, I think they are broadly breakeven for time being at 430p+.Some (who either have a crystal ball or are tapping into the SFO's emails) did get in around the period or before the SFO news. I wonder whether anyone will be investigating them for insider dealing? I think someone mentioned that AQR also mysteriously had shorts in place before the several other large company SFO news as well as profit warnings.Can the SFO or FCA launch an enquiry into AQR Capital? Probably not, as US based and we all know... we can't go messing with US companies can we? But they do like to mess with ours.AQR must be near 5% short by now. That's a decent slice considering the bulk of it was done below 450p.Roll on more deals, roll on Divi and Roll on debt reduction news and as speederD said.. roll on compliance status on SFO case. A nice RNS from SFO stating that they now recognise PFC as in complance would go down well.HUB

SpeederD 06 Sep 2017

Re: PETROFAC AWARDED $700m CONTRACT ON SAKHA... Great news. It will probably be sold into, but irrespective of the market and some shareholders selling out, it continued to show geographical diversity and the continued excellence of their business product and its demand.

Hub 05 Sep 2017

Re: Disappointing Day Boyo,Agree with general sentiment but lets remember Asfari has not been found guilty of any wrong doing thus far in a court or by any authority that holds any water.Italian courts/laws are laughable and the political backdrop is even more of a farce.Asfari deals with all the top players in the industry as well as many sovereign states/countries... all of which continue to do business with him and PFC.It bodes well for the future and as SpeederD highlights... the European win is new territory for PFC which is perhaps the beginning of something special.In last few weeks we've had $2bln Oman deal and now Turkey $500m (approx forex etc) deal. $2.5bln in new business is certainly not to be sniffed at.HUB