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17 Aug 2018
17:02 02/07/2019

Email today from Ricardo refers to their web page which states: "The Stage Two application deadline was Monday 10 December 2018, 1200 hours. Following a detailed evaluation process four projects have been shortlisted to proceed to Stage Two. All shortlisted applicants will now undergo further due diligence prior to final grant award in Summer 2019. " This was apparently posted in May and verified by them today.

17:00 02/07/2019

Just emailed Ricardo and was referred to their web site last updated in May:

15:35 04/06/2019

Just to cheer you up, this web ( [link] posted the following comment: "The first Velocys plant in the UK, which is due to start construction in 2021 and be producing fuel by 2024, will take hundreds of thousands of tonnes of organic household waste and convert it into clean-burning, sustainable fuels, delivering more than 60 per cent greenhouse gas reduction, compared with conventional fossil fuel and savings of 60,000 tonnes of CO2 every year. Latest research findings estimate that the Velocys fuel plant will create more than 5,000 jobs in the UK and add nearly £3bn to the UK economy." Love to know where they got their info from as I can find no corroboration!!

15:32 04/06/2019

Just to cheer you up a bit this web site posted the following comment:

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