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16:24 05/06/2015

Jam, Bugle was mentioning the very, very dubious issue relating to the 'leaked' Chinese news published on the boards (you might remember the whole whohaa relating to that at the time...and the big rise in the SP of course). Can you recall who was the poster responsible for this, as it's been suggested that there was a Masoud led link to this deceit/misinformation?

16:01 05/06/2015

Hey Jam, I'm fine and dandy It is a shame for those duped by Masoud and his bulletin board team, but there's plenty of evidence here to suggest that many still haven;t learned from their catastrophic mistakes. They will look for new mugs as you say...and they will find some. Just thinking about the vile abuse targeted at people like me for selling out at around 5p...oh my word, that's 50p in today's money What PIs wouldn't do for 50p now!!!! Worst thing is that NOT ONE of the ramping team has apologised for their role in this debacle

15:22 05/06/2015

Well someone got lucky in bailing out over 200k shares at 3.85p (0.38p)...quite unbelievable to think that so many shares gave him under £8k!!!!...can't help but wonder how much he lost on his investment here. Is the ramping team still waiting for 200p (20p old money) to sell?

09:26 05/06/2015

Bugle, yes, the LSE team tend to look at every word here forensically before sending off complaints to the DTM admin! I hope they can help on this occasion.

I too remember the bunting and celebrations and I find it difficult to believe that PIs haven't questioned the motives of those involved with unearthing this 'research' gem. Was it someone connected to the Google 'if you knew what we knew' Group perhaps?

Not sure how some people sleep at night.

08:01 05/06/2015

Morning Bugle...I'd almost forgotten about that!

Now surely you're not suggesting that the person responsible for the leaked Chinese photos was directly a pawn or propagandist for Masoud? Because this would suggest he was guilty of quite a serious deception...either maliciously or unwittingly misleading PIs on Masoud's behalf would be seen as something quite despicable (and quite probably illegal), I would think.

I can't remember who it was (do you know?), but is this what you are suggesting?

16:26 02/06/2015

Another 7% fall again today I'm sorry to say.

Today, we've seen the team sucking their teeth, circles the BMR Lada Riva, kicking the tyres and shaking heads...not able to understand why investors don't rate their beloved BMR. One made his latest claim of this being the bottom (he'll be back saying the same thing within a week) and the others claim it must have something to do with those pesky MMs.

The ramping team will blame anyone but themselves. The Lada Riva continues to slide towards the cliff edge and nobody seems to have a clue how to get it started again.

I note that not one apology is forthcoming from those who delighted in spreading misinformation.

16:17 01/06/2015

Just before I leave for the day as one or two try and push start the BMR Lada Riva uphill, can anyone answer me this (I've forgotten)? Who was it that bought in here £10k on CFD at 8p (today that's 80p of course)? I remember the fanfare, but I don't recall who it was...hope he's okay

15:42 01/06/2015

...and in all honesty, why would anyone buy in before the big dilution?

I expect one of the 'the team' will announce the bottom in the next couple of days, after all they keep telling us that BMR has turned the corner! They really have no shame.

Kiwi, you mentioned the handbrake being off...well it's been off for a couple of years. The BMR Lada Riva has been hurtling backwards towards the edge of the cliff. Unless you believe that someone, somewhere will start to see Ladas as the car of the future, BMR is destined to be scrapped.

09:22 01/06/2015

well whatever the level of the first tranche of dilution, it will be heralded as a triumph by the ramping team. Not one apology from them

09:11 01/06/2015

Bugle, any thoughts on the level for dilution? Dropping again I see this morning...who in their right mind would buy in before the dilution?