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10:43 07/08/2014


11:09 17/07/2014

Anyone know what happens to the exit awards he was pending is 51% of GKP was sold etc...

11:07 17/07/2014

Bring on the low ball now TK is gone

11:06 17/07/2014

Going forward, Todd has an essential role of maintaining the Company's relationship with the Kurdistan Regional Government. He will assist the Company in every way he can and we will continue to benefit from his experience."

11:06 17/07/2014

Not quite gone? Mr Kozel will stay on as an officer of the group.

12:59 07/07/2014

One day there will be more people on this board then just me.

10:48 07/07/2014

Wow! that was close

10:38 07/07/2014

Would not let me sell at 1.48

10:38 07/07/2014

1.46 I got

10:33 07/07/2014

Just placed the order to sell