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11:40 28/04/2015

Maybe a RNS for a new Episode of GKP TV?

14:04 27/04/2015

Figures due Wednesday 2014 Annual Report and Accounts - Anyone want to bet this will also have added onto it the next payment from the KRG? I wonder what that will do to the SP?

15:46 24/04/2015

Maybe 4pm RNS?

17:10 01/04/2015

Where is chevron in all this? They are the heavy oil guys?

17:03 01/04/2015

Also why Chinese company but not give the name unlike Exxon who is named...

17:01 01/04/2015

SM was playing the game. You act as you are looking for a long term solution even though you might get the short. The key is to make the person who is looking at you from the outside think we are going to go the mile, even when we do not want that to be the aim

16:12 30/03/2015

Does anyone know if the GKP BOD are still in a Close Period?

00:00 30/03/2015

Trying to kick out SM at this point when we are in talks of selling part full GKP is just crazy. It just not sit right...

13:58 18/03/2015

This will now build up till the 23rd March RNS

12:29 18/03/2015

From the RNS - "The losses observed during drilling point to Shaikan-11 being a potentially prolific producer"