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06:59 01/09/2015

Is this going to be super September for GKP? GKP positive points for September: 1.) KRG has bookmarked $75-100mill for payment to oil companies – Source KRG website 2.) KRG has said not once, but twice it will start payments to oil companies from September and expect the first payment to be before 15th September – 3.) Gulf Keystone can “satisfy all its obligations to both its contractors and creditors” after authorities in Kurdistan, where the company operates, committed to making monthly payments from September Source CFO Sami Zouari 4.) New CRP due in the next few weeks – Source GKP 5.) Oil Price increase from baseline of $40/b to $52(ish) 6.) US output less 300K from previous numbers 7.) Unrest issues south of Iraq looks to reduce the amount of oil exported from that region 8.) OPEC expressed concern on Monday about oil's price drop and said the group is ready to talk to other producers about it.' Source Reuters GKP negative points for September: 1.) China – Nothing more to say – Source general news outlets 2.) Price of oil drops back to $40(ish) – Source general new outlets 3.) Between now and 15th the money due to companies disappears due to misplacement (corruption) etc within the KRGc government Please feel free to add points to either positives negatives

15:41 26/08/2015

Make it a level field for all holders III, HNWI and Pi

15:40 26/08/2015

Next issue for JF to tackle is the leak to Sky before we get RNS

15:38 26/08/2015

It seems 2015 might still be in play for being the best that GKP have ever had...

12:41 25/08/2015

yet 15% inc

12:41 25/08/2015

Low volume???

15:47 24/08/2015

If you own shares then nothing to worry. Just sleep it off, just might be a looooog sleep for a few weeks months.

15:46 24/08/2015

Traders say investors are having to sell to raise cash after suffering losses - and that the chain reaction is yet to end. "There is a snowball effect happening, with margin calls putting pressure on positions and creating forced sellers,"

15:40 26/06/2015

RNS @ 4pm?

13:53 01/05/2015

May 21, 2015 Gulf Keystone Petroleum Ltd Extraordinary Shareholders Meeting - 20pm BST