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Should Kevin Foo of Victoria Oil and Gas lose his Job

12:31 08/09/2016

Who have we settled with? When are we gonna get FOO settled 8 months now trying to come to an agreement to get his royalties removed from him. This guy is taking everybody for a ride he needs to be booted out FAST!

19:02 07/09/2016

Sick and F***** tired of this company and FOO! He is a disaster........

23:11 31/08/2016

I am so angry with the management of this company.. WHY can't FOO be transparent for once, just once.

08:17 31/08/2016

FOO has some serious explaining to do with the shareholders of VOG. I think this whole episode and previous episodes need investigating. Something stinks!

15:50 31/07/2016

Why is the independent committee taking so long to come up with a solution to FOO's royalties? Every day is costing pi's money. FOO must go he has a serious conflict of interest. All of the fund raising, bank loans pi's investments are all making money for FOO'S royalties. I'm absolutely seething with anger as I have lost 10s of thousands in his promises. No wonder all he wants to do is focus on Doula and stuff everything else......

08:42 29/07/2016

Another painful day in the land of Vog, guarantee FOO will be sitting down to a nice big dinner tonight.......

Duffer he should be forced out, been here for years all smoke and mirrors, looking after the boys club

17:44 28/07/2016

Message to all shareholders, this company is a disaster run by a greedy buffoon who has destroyed any chance of shareholder returns to line his own pockets, it's that simple.

Do you think Kevin Foo from Victoria Oil and Gas either sort out his royalty payments or resign from the board?