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12:37 30/06/2020

They've ditched the fracking side of the business & are now focusing on conventional, but they have said they are researching alternative methods of producing natural gas and hydrogen which was mentioned in an RNS. [link]

18:03 20/05/2020

Indeed, A Good Day to Die Hard. Those MMs and their algos have an achilles heel...competing MMs and algos. Tips for human traders: [1] Make the MM bots fight each other to buy the same shares... [2] Overload them with buy limits orders.. [3] Hold the orders at higher prices even if sp falls - it will retrace. [4] Cancel & restart orders again when L2 is higher than the Ask from your broker. [5] (i) Do small buy (instant - with countdown) deals to keep the shares liquid & check live prices. (ii) Do overwhelmingly large limit order buy deals when the live price has increased. [6] Hold the larger deals until L2 increases. [7] Repeat ad infinitum, or more realistically, to your target price.

Price target=64p before I consider a sale, so I'm really long term compared to most.

Are you a buyer, seller or holder? Long term investor (dividends) or short term trader (price action)?

15:54 15/05/2020

No hope for fracking in the UK & they are all drowning in debt.

17:18 27/03/2018

Predictable result. Nervegas attack must've been to drive up gas prices. [link]

Will Bolton's warmongering rhetoric on Iran drive up oil and gas price, supporting igas ? [link]

Will Trump as POTUS help this stock?

Norway's currency is rising vs gbp