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08:57 18/08/2016

Half the proven gas gone! Foo and his boardroom cronies are the only ones who have made a killing.

14:06 29/07/2016

Excessive salaries bonuses and royalties by greedy directors, stealing the shareholder dividends, is causing the shrinking share value.

08:42 10/04/2016

The share value won't improve, until Mr Foo acts on the royalty and bonus issues holding share value back.

13:37 11/07/2015

Foo will never appoint a CEO, as he wants to keep all his double salary and perks and royalties beyond scrutiny.

07:56 05/07/2015

Too much in royalties and salaries being taken off the top, plus Foo/Grim vendetta/fiasco does nothing to allay investor concerns.

16:40 07/05/2015

Strap in, nearly there, shot hit news imminent, exponential rise in share value over due

20:54 05/05/2015

Doing well, selling on any +3% rise, buying back on the retrace next day.

19:10 04/05/2015

Foo's told porkies numerous times yet the fools still believe and idolise him.

12:46 04/05/2015

He seemed somewhat hesitant on some of his statements, could he still be overstating the company's financial standing and future prospects ?

07:12 04/05/2015

Lots of jam tomorrow, thanks Jim.