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10:25 29/07/2015

What is the next expected update and when?

15:18 23/04/2015

Fingers crossed it'll be days!

17:54 21/04/2015

Closing above 5p for the first time in a while. Must be a good sign

14:40 21/04/2015

Sound investment here, very low risk for an aim share with so much potential

13:31 20/04/2015

I won't acknowledge the SP as it'll only drop straight back the minute I do

13:13 27/01/2015

Production, sales, production, sales. That's where we want to be.' And that's where we will be. I'm keeping faith that's for sure

13:26 18/07/2014

STGR will reach 11p on stronger rumours and once the 11p barrier is broken the sky's the limit! GL all

13:24 18/07/2014

I bought in here 2 weeks ago at around 7.2p. I often buy based on hype and unfounded information and it often doesn't pay off so thought I would try and search out some undervalued companies, STGR was the only company I found that ticked all the boxes I was looking for. Now this share is gathering pace and the hype is beginning I really do believe I have made the right decision. These rumours are of course only rumours but as previously said there is no smoke without fire. In my opinion this is becoming a case of not 'if' but 'when'.

12:10 25/06/2014

Steady rises is just what I like to see in a company. Rumours of news will prompt the big jumps. I haven't bought in a long time but Stratmin is so undervalued I couldn't resist, seems a no brainer!

11:34 25/06/2014

Just jumped in at 7.24, I feel STGR are on the cusp of something great and I want to be a part of it. I suspect once the market has woken up to it many other pi's will want to be too. GL all