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03 Feb 2018
06:48 01/03/2019

Who remembers the Leinster Nickel(BHP Billiton) debacle,18,5 million pound impairment,more than half Jubilee's current market cap and not a single word from management. Colin Bird it's been 2 years and 4 months,how is the court case going with BHP?? Will you take responsibility if nothing comes off it and resign? Is this the way Kabwe,DCM pgms and Tjate is going?

05:50 05/02/2018

9. Ordinary Resolution 7
In accordance with the Disclosure and Transparency Rules this resolution must now be passed to allow the Company to use
electronic forms of communication. Your Board is proposing that they should be given authority to supply documents and
make information to members available on a website. Before the Company can communicate with a member by means of
website communication, the relevant member must be asked individually to agree that the Company may send or supply
documents or information to him by means of a website. The Company must either have received a positive response or have
received no response within the period of 28 days beginning with the date on which the request was sent. Shareholders can
complete the form enclosed with this Notice and return to the Company at the address indicated on the form. The Company
will notify the member (either in writing, or by other permitted means) when a relevant document or information is placed on
the website and a member can always request a hard copy version of the document or information. Breezy,what do you make of this?

09:37 03/02/2018

breezy,have you tried phoning them?

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