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13:28 13/04/2017

@ lerrab - no point TOR would only resurrect himself again, as he's done annually for the last few years. It's the ascension I'm waiting for.

18:13 13/03/2017

Hola Spuddy, hopefully we'll know shortly. Fingers crossed.

17:08 13/03/2017

Spuddy, I'd be amazed if this has anything to do with T5. This time I think PVR will make sure the counterparty actually has the funds to complete a deal and does not need to raise them.

18:07 20/02/2017

Sobeit - my recollection is Dunquin South was picked over North due to the fluid escape from the top seal. the fluid escape was read as a good sign prior to drilling.

22:04 27/09/2016

@ firm facts - suggest you look at LSE board for best updates on what's happening with JP.

19:48 25/09/2016

@Desparate worth more than that, but only if you're producing taxable profits, Shell down the line. If

13:53 16/07/2016

@Haribo, I think 597m was the official figure quoted. Are you including the Cenkos and Melody shares issued in your calculation?

20:39 14/06/2016

It looks like it will trade again and I can't disagree with anything you've said.

18:30 14/06/2016

@ Desparate, what's the point in talking down your investment?

08:32 14/06/2016

Well said Sharemate