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10:51 27/01/2016

Only a couple of days before sale RNS. Due dillegence completed. Cheap at 0.0328p to buy

08:59 22/12/2015

This is a bargain at this price. When funding news hits it will do a Zox. By the looks of the buying that news must be close

08:03 21/12/2015

Could be a rise today

Can CBuy recover and can RD deliver after his shocker of a year

14:46 24/10/2015

As load as the board were honest in there trading update in September there should be little to fear here and an amazing buying op. The amount of deramping is quite amazing

07:18 22/10/2015

Well done all. Great grades here

09:40 03/10/2015

Well the wait had bloody well be worth it

16:16 01/10/2015

Drip drip drip. The nervous or impatient traders still keep selling off

10:41 29/09/2015

1 million buy showing on isdx

13:52 25/09/2015

For fk sale Patrick. Get these updates out there