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10:39 18/03/2015

I'm happy to be called thick here, but today's volume is only at 163,000 and the SP is up nearly 6% - with ups and downs along the way - average daily trade is over 2,000,000, so how can 163,000 move the SP so much?

10:17 16/03/2015

Jefferies target price 29, Panmure 25, Numis 42....if enough 'experts' keep guessing then one of them is bound to be right

08:11 13/03/2015

*I mean mid-campaign

08:11 13/03/2015

Stephane Foucard seems confident in Premier oil which can surely only bode well for fogl [link] Anyone here want to predict if Noble will snap up fogl mid spud??

10:50 04/03/2015

Numis are sticking with buy at a target of 42p [link]

19:19 03/03/2015 least I'm assuming that's the presentation - it says 'Feb 15' on the cover sheet instead of 'Mar 15'. [link]

19:16 03/03/2015

The presentation is here [link] or just visit and go to 'download latest presentation'. I'd guess stronger trading (buying) tomorrow/Thursday. Am I right in saying that, according to fogl's presentation, if things go well, that their asset value could treble?(current assets ($110mn) + non-current assets ($242))

11:52 03/03/2015

see [link]

11:51 03/03/2015

According to their website press release at the start of Feb they had $100mn in cash & no debt. The Eirik Raude costs about $250-300k/day, so I'd say that FOGL are pretty cash rich for this venture

10:58 03/03/2015

"... hosting a joint presentation today for sell-side analysts." I'm guessing that presentation will be made during US trading, so maybe late afternoon UK time we'll see what its initial impact is??