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03 Nov 2017
13:23 06/01/2018

@bluemogganer yes I held equal KDNC (as REM) and BCN but lost patience with KDNC after losing c60% value when BCN was only rising and rising. All in for BCN now and looking forward to topping up on any dips towards 100p. Holding for eventual c500p

21:30 21/12/2017

@Rakkyd exactly my position too: holding both BCN and SXX for long term. Not interested in selling for less than 5x current prices. Also held KDNC until patience lost and recently ditched in favour of full BCN. Looking into VRS next.

17:44 07/11/2017

@Bluemogganer Yes also sick of seeing this company on my portfolio so will be sold tomorrow for about third of cost. Hopefully someone will eventually make some money!

18:21 03/11/2017

Primary Bid: "The Offer for Versarien has closed early due to high investor demand"... #vrs

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