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16:55 18/08/2016

The bonuses and royalties are holding the share price back, they should be exchanged for share options.

10:34 09/08/2016

Another nefarious plan to deceive and rob shareholders?

18:06 08/08/2016

Why did Numis go? What has happened?

09:56 06/08/2016

Foo's salary, bonuses, and royalties are an issue that needs addressing to get II's interested, and give hope to PI's.

17:30 01/08/2016

Luckily for shareholders Foo is not running their pension schemes.

09:54 30/07/2016

The punishing royalties and bonuses, alongside sky high salaries, will not help to draw in investors.

10:42 27/07/2016

CHL is a parasite company draining the potential growth and investor value from VOG.

15:53 26/07/2016

I suppose old Kev and the BOD will feel justified in grabbing their self awarded 100% bonus, the broken long term holders certainly won't.

08:49 26/07/2016

More pie in the sky and jam tomorrow predictions, we all know Foo's GSA's can evaporate overnight.

16:04 25/07/2016

There will only ever be enough money to be made to keep the top half dozen in clover. Courtesy of foolish and complacent shareholders.