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12:19 13/06/2018

Hi guys, check out the "Discuss" tab at the top, it is more like the usual threading. Allows topics, titles etc. [link]

15:13 04/01/2018


15:12 04/01/2018

is 2018 going to be transformational?!

14:41 27/07/2017

what are you waiting for?

14:40 27/07/2017

Coome on the old solg

best design and features of later models (6)

Which is Apple's best iPhone model?

Will SOLG breach 30p by Christmas 2016?

11:53 07/12/2016

Wonder if we will breach this before Christmas?!

11:52 07/12/2016

We're hoping to get the share price data back online ASAP!