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14:13 26/07/2017

Sobeit this was a fast track farmout in the form of an option - an option is an agreement to buy in at certain price. Price has been agreed and clearly stated in RNS.

22:45 21/07/2017

No need for BROE - [link]

15:28 21/07/2017

They could well be buying and holding in trust for ruling family

20:12 17/07/2017

Target Depth maybe

20:12 17/07/2017

Touchdown I assume

14:35 12/07/2017

I've only managed to average down to 100p and I hold 1m - thinking about running for the hills as I can't afford a duster and an SP of 5p. I thought I might get an extra 10p back during drill but that now seems unlikley, and potential upside on discovery seems questionable at best.

13:01 12/07/2017

This has to be the worst reaction by an SP to 2x farm-ins and the confirmation of commencement of drilling. I note PMO only added 100m in value after discovery. On a like for like basis if PVR come good that would only equate to 250m being added to PVR market cap subject to success – risk reward not great considering this equates to an SP increase of 2.5x on a 10/1 chance.

12:48 03/07/2017

How do companies stop information leaking from those involved in the drill?

15:50 29/06/2017

IG no longer allow spread betting on PVR - anyone use an alternate provider who does?

16:00 27/06/2017

She's on the move