LGO Stream Log

22:26 17/09/2016

Baron oil

14:00 11/12/2015

a 1 share trade

11:30 10/12/2015

If you look on the website it basically says that LGO are potentially in talks regarding a mergertakeover and they are not under any obligation to say with whom, at that point all other speculation rampingderamping becomes pointless it is now just a waiting game

16:48 09/12/2015

Strange that if you go to LSE website there are far more posts than here….. Why is that admin?

09:36 07/12/2015

#PXOG #Prospex Oil (PXOG) Oil & gas deals to soar - deal BAGGED [link]

13:50 04/12/2015


12:42 26/11/2015

WRES shooting up

12:25 26/11/2015

Good call Dave

06:53 23/11/2015

Prospex Oil (PXOG) to Acquire Boujdour Blocks in Morocco [link]

10:38 17/11/2015

@riddler_smitb @ImDaGoodGuy @AimCasino @TopTradersADVFN @Shareresearcher loads of contracts Not out in the market [link]