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12:31 19/04/2016

tiny....... needs a proper large contract to survive cash burn - little chance of turning things around on this evidence.

11:20 15/03/2016

could be a dead cat bounce

13:49 13/11/2015

Looks like it was in the price: (

13:08 13/11/2015

cii news just out .... interesting possibilities

14:46 24/10/2015

As load as the board were honest in there trading update in September there should be little to fear here and an amazing buying op. The amount of deramping is quite amazing

09:49 14/10/2015

this is one dead cat

10:11 13/10/2015

dead cat bounce

12:30 21/09/2015

dobt it will come back - looks bust to me

13:37 12/09/2015


10:20 11/09/2015

its bust chap