FTE Stream Log

08:03 21/12/2015

Could be a rise today

06:50 18/12/2015

Gavster_NBC ‏@Gavster_NBC 11m11 minutes ago #CLON #PET #Clontarf Energy PLC and #Petrel Resources PLC GOV’T AGREES DEAL TO END OIL BLOCK DISPUTE [link] … ...

11:56 16/12/2015

I can sell 34m easy. Mms hungry for share

07:15 16/12/2015

Never win with drawin

07:14 16/12/2015

Red day again

14:32 10/12/2015

#APC buys under mid has the 23p bid talk got legs Possible £20m Bid [link]

08:25 21/04/2015

nice price again today those that sold last week at .11 must be gutted

15:33 20/04/2015

share price back normal business resumed

09:35 20/04/2015

share price back to normal soon normal biz resumed

13:31 17/04/2015

this will all come good back to biz soon along with share price