Kier Group - Re: KIE Stream Log - Kier up 8% so far...

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15:10 18/02/2020

Thinderjack - You seem to have done your research on Kier. i worked for Kier during their boom days when i left in 2017 ish i sold my shares for £14.50. I seen Kier crash and was absolutely gutted, they have some talented people their and I can honestly say was the best company i have ever worked for. Reason for my post - i bought £8k in stock my first ever purchase when they were 91p. I kept shorting them and making a few hundred pounds a time my stock is now worth £11k. Do i keep my money in ?? of take it and run. Everyday i read conflicting reports to buy and stay clear. What i have noticed is that certain websites such as the motley fool issue warning about kier shares then their shares slump - can you advise on why they are telling people not to buy. when you speak so highly of them?

09:31 17/02/2020

Kier up 8% so far today and has broken through the six-month high of 148p. Looks like the market is re-rating Kier ahead of its results in a a little over a fortnight from now. HS" greenlight, record houseprices (great for Kier Living) and hundreds of contract wins make Kier a bargain. P/e is still less that 2. Ridiculously low. A 5-bagger from here by the end of the year.