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11:55 25/12/2018

The_Marin in response to your post yesterday i have some info for you. The new ENEO deal is at $6.75 mmbtu rising to $6.95 mmbtu. Before ENEO came back online the company was doing about 5 mmscf/d for thermal and industrial power. VOG have said many many times that thermal commands up to $16 mmbtu and Ind power is $13 fixed. Way more than ENEO. I haven't a clue as to why you say "So how much is 4.9mmscf/d in cash terms? I guess they are selling the rest of the gas to other customers even cheaper otherwise they would have given us an expected daily revenue rather than expect us to calculate it ourselves." It is very easy to work out revenue figures. Nothing suspicious at all. VOG will only give actual rev figures in interim and annual reports. Nothing corrupt at all about his company. They sell gas to customers. It couldn't be clearer. I have reported your post mentioning corruption as this is defamation. You are talking nonsense.